Mochi Craft

Mochi Craft Dolphin 54 Flybridge

By Christopher White | Posted September 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Mochi Craft Dolphin 54 Flybridge.  With a salty influence and a flair for the dramatic, the Mochi Craft Dolphin 54 Flybridge is a boat you need to...

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Mochi 74 Dolphin Cruiser

By Pete McDonald | Posted September 2010

Lobster ChicMochi’s 74 Dolphin Cruiser redefines lobster boats to add European élan.Downeast tradition combined with a dash of European pizazz.Mochi Craft says its 74 Dolphin Cruiser was...

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Mochi 23M Hybrid

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted December 2008

Of all the boats I've ever tested, only a few were really new. That's not surprising. Boatbuilders are, after all, a cautious lot, and for many reasons—mostly financial—they're often unwilling to...

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Mochi Craft Dolphin 54

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted October 2008

There’s one more model squeezing into Mochi Craft’s Dolphin line of lobsterboat-style cruisers. But why add a 54 when the Italian builder already offers a 51? Because, according to Mochi, it’s time...

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The Hybrid Future

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted September 2008

Ferretti GroupMochi Craft Long Range 23I was attending a press conference in Ancona, Italy, earlier this year when I first heard the news. Norberto Ferretti, co-founder of Ferretti Yachts and...

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Mochi Craft Dolphin 64 Fly

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted September 2007

There were plenty of snickers and a few guffaws back in 2001 when Norberto Ferretti announced to a group of American journalists that he'd built an "aragosta boat." It wasn't enough that here was an...

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Mochi Craft 44 Dolphin

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted July 2006

I believe in love at first sight. But why are the Italians always involved? To be fair, it's Italian design that holds a special place in my heart, from the sculpted sheet metal of fire-breathing...

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Mochi Maxidolphin 74

By Alan Harper | Posted August 2005

When Norberto Ferretti unveiled the Mochi 51 Dolphin at the 2003 Cannes Boat Show, he mockingly referred to her as a "langoustine boat" —in other words, a lobster boat with a Mediterranean...

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Mochi Craft 51 Dolphin

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted June 2004

While driving from Florence to the Adriatic port of Cesenatico, Italy, some weeks ago, I spent a fair amount of time thinking about and anticipating my upcoming sea trial of the Mochi Craft 51...

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