"I Want to Tour a Megayacht" Contest Winner!

By | Posted February 2008 | Add a Comment

Congratulations to Pat Hanrahan of Cape Coral, Florida, who was treated to not one but two bilge-to-bridge tours of megayachts at the recent Yacht...

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Can-Do Captains

By Kim Kavin | Posted January 2008 | Add a Comment

Capt. David Linebaugh knows Symphony II isn't the newest, isn't the grandest, and isn't the most glamorous motoryacht available for charter these days.His command is a 112-foot Westport, a lovely...

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"I Want to Tour a Megayacht!"

By | Posted November 2007 | Add a Comment

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be onboard a megayacht, walking through the rooms you see in our feature stories, now's your chance.C'mon, admit it: Even though you salivate over the latest...

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Analyzing "America's 100 Largest Yachts"

By Alan Gilbert | Posted October 2007 | Add a Comment

Ever since Power & Motoryacht's famous lists the Power & Motoryacht 100 (a.k.a. "The World's 100 Largest Yachts") and "America's 100 Largest Yachts" first published more than 20 years ago, I have been

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Langford's Love

By Catherine Pearson | Posted October 2007 | Add a Comment

When Frances Langford, the stunning songstress who famously crooned, "I'm in the Mood for Love," first met her husband, Ralph Evinrude, the two didn't talk Hollywood. They didn't discuss movies or...

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Podcast: Denise Rich Interview

By | Posted October 2007 | Add a Comment

Exclusive! Denise Rich, owner of the new 157-foot Christensen Lady Joy, speaks with Executive Editor Diane M. Byrne about why she commissioned the yacht and what she enjoys most about the

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Remembering Jim Moran

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted July 2007 | Add a Comment

Jim and Jan Moran, alongside their Delta in 2004.On April 24 the yachting community lost not only one of its most prolific—and proudest—owners but also one of the nicest people you could...

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Roman Abramovich's Flotilla

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted July 2007 | Add a Comment

Roman Abramovich, whose worth is estimated by Forbes magazine at $18.7 billion.Heard the old saw about the sailor who has a girl at every port? Russian industrialist magnate Roman Abramovich is well...

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Yacht Haven Grande, U.S. Virgin Islands

By Alyssa Haak | Posted February 2007 | Add a Comment

Surrounded by green mountains dotted with the red-roofed buildings of St. Thomas, Yacht Haven Grande sits in a natural deep-water harbor and provides a homeport for megayacht owners and guests to...

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A League of Our Own

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted February 2007 | Add a Comment

Boatbuilders from Seattle to South Florida finally have a chance for their concerns to be heard.I typically use this column to inform you of an interesting new launch or to introduce you to some...

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You Can Get There From Here

By Capt. Karl Anderson | Posted February 2007 | Add a Comment

Fishermen are drawn to exotic destinations like bugs to a light, and one of the beauties of owning a boat nowadays is that you can send her to those ports of call. For big-game fishermen, the island...

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Show Us the Money

By Mike Smith | Posted January 2007 | Add a Comment

The phone rings—it’s Warren Buffett. He has an investment opportunity that should pay 15, maybe 20 percent over the next couple of years. You can get into for $10 million, but he needs a...

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Owning Hollywood History

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted October 2006 | Add a Comment

To most people Frances Langford was a glamorous singer and entertainer, appearing alongside the likes of James Cagney, Bob Hope, Perry Como, Don Ameche, Jackie Gleason, and other bold-name stars. To...

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