Megayacht Painting

Reflections of Perfection

It’s an incredible task to create a flawless yacht finish.

First steps include making sure the surface of the boat is smooth, which is just as important as how the paint is applied.

When a megayacht pulls into a marina, all eyes turn to her. Often her lines will spark comments

Benetti Sail Division

Changing Tack

A Benetti Sail Division primer

The Benetti Sail Divsion 160 Logica is the longest design in the company’s new line of yachts.

Just as you should never judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge the Benetti Sail Division by its name. Sure, the company was founded as Benetti’s

Chartering Sherakhan

And Now for Something Completely Different

During a traditional megayacht charter, guests plan a weeklong itinerary with their favorite stops, meals, and activities (for a six-figure fee plus expenses, of course). And from December through March, the Caribbean is the traditional location for these charters. But this season, the 70-meter (229-foot)

Amels 212

The famed Dutch ship builder Amels is putting the finishing touches on the Limited Editions Amels 212, the largest build yet to come from its semicustom line of megayachts. The Limited Editions line is noteworthy in that its elegance may be exceeded only by its popularity, as the Amels yard is currently running at 100-percent capacity. 

Moonen 97

Small Wonder

Moonen’s 97 was made to cross the same oceans as expedition yachts.

Moonen 97, Livia

Moonen is a shipyard that seems to be going places. With a recently arrived new owner, some new investment, and a brand-new shipyard, the Dutch yachtbuilder is also moving into new markets and

The Cost of American Megayacht Ownership

Freedom Ain’t Free

Why so few American megayachts fly the American flag.

Back in January, we printed a letter in Mail from reader Bob Stromberg entitled “Why Are They Flag-less?” which asked quite pointedly why so many American-owned megayachts are not registered in the United States and therefore do not fly the Stars and Stripes. The

PMY interviews Patrick Knowles

Q&A with Patrick Knowles

Interior designer, Patrick Knowles

For followers of the megayacht world, the name and designs of Patrick Knowles come up often. As he approaches his 300th interior design project (he does both yachts and terrestrial residences often for the same clients), Knowles tells PMY about his fortuitous

Superyachts Brazil

Brazilian Blow Out

As we settle in for a long winter’s nap in the northern hemisphere, summer is heating up for the megayacht industry in the southern one. Throughout Europe and the United States, boatbuilders and boat buyers seem to be playing conservatively. But in Brazil, where conservative is a four-letter word in all aspects of life, many

America's 100 Largest Yachts 2010

The exciting part of following the megayacht world is taking hints and facts and assembling them to identify the owner or at least make a reasonably educated guess. Many owners go to extraordinary lengths to avoid being associated with their yachts.

There’s Feadship’s most recent launch from the De Vries Makkum yard, Musashi (read our educated guess on the

Megayacht Calixe

The 193-foot Calixe is impressive enough as one of the largest yachts in America. But the folks in Toronto were even more awed by her when she rolled into the marina at John Quay late in the summer of 2009, causing quite a stir among the locals. Her appearance even resulted in a story in The Toronto Star, where a reporter noted she no doubt left local sailors

Megayacht Musashi

In the yacht-spotting world, the most exciting news is often unconfirmed and based on rumor. The bold-named clients often demand the most secrecy, which makes getting straight answers difficult. All of this combined makes Feadship’s launch of Musashi even more intriguing. Hints as to her owner’s identity include her Japan-influenced name (Musashi was a

Trinity 190, Mi Sueo

What Dreams May Come

Trinity’s latest launch has an elegant interior and new hull form.

Mi Sueo was on her way to Boston from Fort Lauderdale when she stopped at Casey’s Marina in Newport, Rhode Island, home to other impressive yachts including the 125-foot Cheoy Lee Namoh and the 157-foot Christensen Nice N’ Easy (currently for

August 2010 Megayachts Column

Changing of the Guards

Two well-known mega-yards embark on new futures.

In the first half of 2010, ownership changes were underway at two of the largest mega-yacht shipbuilders in Northern Europe: Oceanco and Blohm & Voss.

Oceanco was bought by Mohammed Al Barwani, a private investor from Oman, in early April. Through MB Holdings LLC, he also owns stakes in