Third Time’s the Charm

If you’re familiar with Monaco, you’ll also be familiar-unless you’re very rich or very lucky-with the neck ache you get from looking up at those enormous motoryachts. Last time I was in town, I got lucky: I was looking down.

Lrssen's Martha Ann

On one side there was Mohammed Al-Fayed’s 208-foot Sokar. Beyond her was Wedge

Golden Girl

I am walking down the quay at the megayacht marina in Genoa, Italy. I see a big, white trideck. And a big, white trideck. And a big, white trideck.

Palmer Johnson's Hokulani

And a big... gold... performance cruiser?

A 150-footer, to be exact, painted "champagne" with black accents--even the liferaft canisters and

Alloy 40m Allogante

Yacht design is an inherently iterative process: From the conceptual sketches to the final production drawings there are seemingly endless tweaks and refinements in a quest for the ideal final product. Sometimes, this process becomes evolutionary, each project building on the genetic makeup of its predecessor. A case in point is Alloy Yachts’ new 40m project, Allogante, whose lineage can be

Palm Paradise

"We need to pick a fight," I whispered to my boyfriend, Ben, needling him in the side. "Let's make it a big one with lots of shouting. And tears. I can't handle all this dreaminess."

It was night one of our three-day trip to the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa in the lower Florida Keys. After

Go-Anywhere Attitude

Sure, I'm excited as I approach Latitude, but like everyone else in the dinghy, I can't help but look past her. In any other place, on any given day, odds are the 170-footer would be the biggest boat in the harbor. But on this afternoon just off Panama City, Latitude happens to be anchored a gull's hop from the 414-foot

World's 100 Largest Yachts 2008

Missile detection systems. Fifty Navy SEALs and/or Royal SAS servicemen as crewmembers. Escape pods that jettison under water to let their high-profile owners get away from paparazzi or pirates. These are just some of the crazy concepts the mainstream media has about megayachts.

World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2008 #1: Al Salamah

#1: AL SALAMAH—456'10"

When it comes to private yachts, oftentimes a small group of people is paid to keep quiet. But in reference to this nearly 500-footer, a lot of people seem to be getting paid—and apparently pretty well—because few details (well, at least reasonably reliable ones) have come out. We know she spends most of her time

World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2008 #2: Rising Sun

#2: RISING SUN—452'8"

One and a half football fields long. About 140 feet longer than the distance from home plate to the Green Monster in Fenway Park in Boston. And 16 feet longer than the height of the iconic Arch of Wembley Stadium in London. No matter how you measure her, Rising Sun is just huge, and that means it's hard to find docking

World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2008 #4: Savarona

#4: SAVARONA—408'0"

Fifty-two and a half feet in beam, graceful Savarona still turns heads more than 75 years after she was launched. She charters in the Med and has hosted everything from vacations for high-profile folks like the designer Valentino to weddings and birthday parties for not-so-high-profile but equally wealthy individuals. A

World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2008 #5: Alexander

#5: ALEXANDER—400'2"

Built as a cruise ship, Alexander can still handily accommodate more people than most mega-size megayachts: upwards of 80 guests (plus a crew of 60). Imagine what her main dining room looks like when all passengers are seated together—yes, the room can handle it. Perhaps that's why she's long attracted heads of state and

World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2008 #6: A

#6: A—390'4"


Yes, you read that name right: This debut is simply named A. For the better part of this year, online forums, blogs, and even general news sites have been burning up with postings relating to this launch. When

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