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The Fast and the Furious

Part 2: “We’re not avoiding weight, we’re avoiding unnecessary weight.”

By Diane M. Byrne — June 2004

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So what is the power package? The 140 will have twin 5,436-hp MAN Paxman diesel engines (driving Lips waterjets), chosen for their weight-to-horsepower ratio. She’ll additionally have a 9,200-hp Lycoming gas turbine, driving a separate waterjet. All told, the 140 is packing one heckuva punch, a bit more than 20,000 hp.

This opens up a world of possibilities to owners who are used to cruising at 15 or so knots. Imagine departing one port and arriving in the next in less time than it takes the crew to clear the breakfast dishes and prepare lunch. Forget that, go a step further: Instead of sending the yacht off to Montauk from Manhattan and later taking a private helicopter out there, hop aboard at one of Manhattan’s marinas and enjoy, say, a two-hour transit.

As for the gearbox, the partners originally tapped Cincinnati Gears to design and build it. When that company folded, Staluppi, Rosatti, and partners quickly began researching other options, settling on Allen Engine of England. According to John Schmiemann of Millennium Super Yachts, the gearbox measures about nine feet high and has 29 rotary gears.

Even with all of the emphasis on the technical aspects of the 140, the interior needed to reflect the luxury that today’s yacht owners demand. UK-based interior designer Evan Marshall had done the interiors for the 85- and 118-foot Millenniums that had already been started, so he was a natural choice. But he’d never worked on a project where weight-savings was crucial, so Staluppi and Rosatti chose a Dutch company experienced in executing aircraft interiors to collaborate. While there are marbles, granites, and other fine materials in the five staterooms and other gathering areas aboard the 140, there are veneers over Nomex honeycomb panels, an admittedly expensive material but worth it for its dependability. As Schmiemann puts it, “We’re not avoiding weight, we’re avoiding unnecessary weight.”

The team is also avoiding any doubt as to their intentions. Unabashed James Bond fans, Staluppi and Rosatti are sticking with the tradition of naming the yacht after one of the bon vivant’s famous flicks. Never ones to settle for subtlety, they chose a name that hints at things to come: The World Is Not Enough.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Millennium Super Yachts Phone: (561) 721-4100.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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