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Megayacht Painting

Reflections of Perfection

It’s an incredible task to create a flawless yacht finish.

First steps include making sure the surface of the boat is smooth, which is just as important as how the paint is applied.

When a megayacht pulls into a marina, all eyes turn to her. Often her lines will spark comments

Design: Nordhavn 120

The Greatest Escape

With its biggest boat to date, Nordhavn stays true to its oceangoing heritage.

A Ready to relax? Head for the alfresco Jacuzzi tub.
B A foredeck davit lets you launch tenders to either side.
C For European boarding, use the passerelle, which is hidden under the

A Different Kind of Cruising

Basic black gets the souped-up superyacht treatment from renowned designer Martin Francis.

At first glance, this column may seem like it’s in the wrong publication--better suited to Motor Trend, perhaps, than a motoryacht magazine. But trust me when I say the images here do indeed relate to yachts. In fact, they’re from the

Alloy 40m Allogante

Yacht design is an inherently iterative process: From the conceptual sketches to the final production drawings there are seemingly endless tweaks and refinements in a quest for the ideal final product. Sometimes, this process becomes evolutionary, each project building on the genetic makeup of its predecessor. A case in point is Alloy Yachts’ new 40m project, Allogante, whose lineage can be

Vikal Limo

It all started 15 years ago when Australian-born yacht-design wizard Jon Bannenberg challenged Gunnar Vikingur to build a special tender, a veritable waterborne limousine for Coral Island. Although Vikingur's small operation in Perth, Australia, was partnering with Oceanfast at the time, he made room for the project, and what resulted was the first

The Evolution of Style

It’s one thing to read all about changes made to a yacht in the planning or even the construction stage. But how about seeing changes to the design before the first piece of fiberglass is laid or steel is cut? As the profiles here from the drawing boards of Laurent Giles Naval Architects show, about the only thing that didn’t change with this design was the yacht’s expeditionary

The Five Commandments...

Illustrations by Scott Bakal

You thought getting the cash was the hard part and the rest would be easy, and maybe fun, too. But even with eight digits worth of mad money in your treasure chest, building a custom megayacht is a voyage littered with hazards. Running afoul of any of them could be costly in money, time, or

The Art of Architecture

In the automotive world, Rolls-Royce stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Its cars aren’t the fastest, sleekest, or most tricked-out, but that doesn’t matter—what does matter is the name and the product stand for the utmost in luxury. Witness the fact that wealthy individuals ranging from heads of state to heads of multimillion-dollar corporations want and/or own one—indeed,

Cruise Missile: Pershing 90

The flashy paint job is head-turning, but so are the vertical hull windows for the master.

More than a decade ago at one of my first boat shows in South Florida, I ran into a photographer who was fond of boasting about his latest trips. He’d say things like, “Oh, I just took a little trip over to such-and-such,” name-dropping some

Just Chill

If it weren't for the seascape, you might think you were on land due to this eclectic decor.

Surrounded by an atmosphere that's this unusual and visually stimulating, you might wonder how well the owner can follow the directive of his 115-foot yacht's name: Be Cool. But cool he is, judging from his eclectic taste in decor

Path to Privilege

Patrick Knowles

In an industry where the sky is the limit, Patrick Knowles says he feels it's a privilege to be a participant. An interior designer for more than 21 years, he started in residential and commercial design, with a few detours in the hotel and millwork industries. "I was trying to find out what it was that would get my

Building Burger's Biggest Part One: The Vision

[Editor's note: On October 22, 2004, Burger Boat Company announced a plan to build the biggest motoryacht in its 141-year history: the 155-foot trideck Time for Us. Charter/cruising editor Kim Kavin was granted unprecedented access in following this project during the past two years. This is the first

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