Riding the Tides

Sometimes the customer isn’t always right—and shouldn’t be. Even the most carefully planned charters can encounter hiccups, but quick thinking can usually turn even the worst situation around.

Chartering Sherakhan

And Now for Something Completely Different

During a traditional megayacht charter, guests plan a weeklong itinerary with their favorite stops, meals, and activities (for a six-figure fee plus expenses, of course). And from December through March, the Caribbean is the traditional location for these charters. But this season, the 70-meter (229-foot)

Go-Anywhere Attitude

Sure, I'm excited as I approach Latitude, but like everyone else in the dinghy, I can't help but look past her. In any other place, on any given day, odds are the 170-footer would be the biggest boat in the harbor. But on this afternoon just off Panama City, Latitude happens to be anchored a gull's hop from the 414-foot

Palm Paradise

"We need to pick a fight," I whispered to my boyfriend, Ben, needling him in the side. "Let's make it a big one with lots of shouting. And tears. I can't handle all this dreaminess."

It was night one of our three-day trip to the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa in the lower Florida Keys. After

Exclusive Elegance

Gustavia Harbour on St. Barts is to yacht charter what The Late Show With David Letterman is to celebrities. There are only so many places to park yourself in front of the audience, and there are precious few chances to get one of those seats—or shall I say slips—on a given night. Anyone yearning to be seen dreads being left in the wings. If you're not good enough to get in,

The World's Most Expensive Charter Yachts

Money can't buy everything. No matter how much you have, most of the yachts on the Power & Motoryacht 100 are for private use. But don't despair. If you must have a yacht holiday, there are plenty of candidates available. The following yachts do charter, and we ranked them from most to least expensive during high season. In cases where charter brokers quote rates in euros, we’ve listed

Outside In

Of all the fish living today, more than 96 percent are teleosts, or bony fishes. They evolved from fish that had external skeletons, eventually developing tough internal bones that made them stronger and swifter swimmers, able to explore anywhere.

It’s hard to imagine prehistoric exoskeletons—to comprehend what nature looks like when it is literally

Big Bills, Little Bills

The fish is peeling line off my heavy-duty Penn International 70VS like a Japanese bullet train hell-bent to make one station stop—freedom. Fighting 22 pounds of drag at strike, the unseen and unknown fish has to slow down. It has to! I’ve stopped giant tuna on gear like this. I lean back, and the 5’6” stand-up rod makes an inverted U as my Braid belt and harness support me. The fish is

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