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Delta Marine starts construction

By Alyssa Haak | Posted May 2011 | Add a Comment

Northwest NewsDelta Marine starts constructionSeattle-based Delta Marine has begun construction on the sixth yacht in its 50-meter (164-foot) series (above). The interior design will feature a...

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

By Alyssa Haak | Posted April 2011 | Add a Comment

Rendering courtesy of KingshipSome people have trouble thinking of a megayacht as an eco-friendly vessel, which is understandable. Fuel and freshwater capacities are measured in the thousands, if not...

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Customized 52-foot Viking

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2011 | Add a Comment

Just Do It   When this owner decided to run and fish his battlewagon himself, nothing was going to stop him, not even muscular dystrophy. Easygoing Virginian Steve Jones loves to chase big...

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Megayacht Painting

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Billy... | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Reflections of PerfectionIt’s an incredible task to create a flawless yacht finish.First steps include making sure the surface of the boat is smooth, which is just as important as how the paint is...

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Benetti Sail Division

By Alyssa Haak | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Changing TackA Benetti Sail Division primerThe Benetti Sail Divsion 160 Logica is the longest design in the company’s new line of yachts.Just as you should never judge a book by its cover, you...

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Chartering Sherakhan

By Alyssa Haak | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

And Now for Something Completely DifferentDuring a traditional megayacht charter, guests plan a weeklong itinerary with their favorite stops, meals, and activities (for a six-figure fee plus expenses...

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Amels 212

By Kevin Koenig | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

The famed Dutch ship builder Amels is putting the finishing touches on the Limited Editions Amels 212, the largest build yet to come from its semicustom line of megayachts. The Limited Editions line...

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Moonen 97

By Alan Harper | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Small WonderMoonen’s 97 was made to cross the same oceans as expedition yachts.Moonen 97, LiviaMoonen is a shipyard that seems to be going places. With a recently arrived new owner, some new...

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The Cost of American Megayacht Ownership

By Kevin KoenigIllustrations b... | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Freedom Ain’t FreeWhy so few American megayachts fly the American flag.Back in January, we printed a letter in Mail from reader Bob Stromberg entitled “Why Are They Flag-less?” which asked quite...

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Superyachts Brazil

By Alyssa Haak | Posted January 2011 | Add a Comment

Brazilian Blow OutAs we settle in for a long winter’s nap in the northern hemisphere, summer is heating up for the megayacht industry in the southern one. Throughout Europe and the United States,...

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America's 100 Largest Yachts 2010

By Alyssa Haak | Posted November 2010 | Add a Comment

The exciting part of following the megayacht world is taking hints and facts and assembling them to identify the owner or at least make a reasonably educated guess. Many owners go to extraordinary...

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Megayacht Calixe

By Tim Donnelly | Posted November 2010 | Add a Comment

The 193-foot Calixe is impressive enough as one of the largest yachts in America. But the folks in Toronto were even more awed by her when she rolled into the marina at John Quay late in the summer...

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