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Vincenzo Poerio Profile

Vincenzo Poerio

A Rosy Outlook

Vincenzo Poerio holds his business card in both hands when handing it to you. As CEO of Benetti’s new megayacht division, he’s been working to develop the company’s presence in China. Consequently, Poerio has been taking language lessons and adopting Eastern cultural

America's 100 Largest Yachts 2011


Every year PMY releases two lists: the world’s largest yachts (see here) and the largest American-owned yachts. Clearly, some yachts show up on both. But beyond that, the lists also display similar megayacht trends. For instance, this year neither list had a new yacht in its top

Trinity 191 Carpe Diem


Fairy-Tale Ending


Carpe Diem sails off to her happily ever after.

Once upon a time, in a land called Gulfport…” began Capt. Ryan Butterwick as he described to me one of the final sea trials of Carpe Diem before she was handed over to her owners.


CRN’s Dislopen Concept

CRN says it looked at everything from the big, fast Mangustas to the dreamy Wally Island concept and came up with something roughly in between. Its Dislopen design, launched in July in London, looks like the improbable outcome of a marriage between a lightweight, aluminum express cruiser and a heavy steel

Benetti’s Nataly

Straight-Up New

Benetti launches its first vertical-bow yacht.

It’s a story that’s been told a thousand times: An owner decides to design a megayacht that will suit his every whim, finds a yard to build it, and then sets off to sail the high seas. And that’s exactly what the original owner of

Megayacht builders who keep secrets keep clients

Kept Secrets Keep Clients

Megayacht builders are often tasked with contradictory goals: build hard-to-miss yachts and not acknowledge that these large yachts exist. Often times those objectives are easily accomplished by simply ignoring the elephant in the shed. Sylke auf dem Graben, who

Horizon Angara Delivered

Just Delivered

The 40-meter Horizon, Angara

Horizon Angara

Taiwan-based shipbuilder Horizon has just delivered its fifth yacht longer than 40 meters (131 feet). The 136-foot Angara left the shipyard in mid-May to

Tuscan Sun

Name: Tuscan Sun
Length: 147'
Builder: Izar, Spain
Year Launched: 2006
Captain: Capt. Gui Garcia
Broker: IYC

Featured in: A

Independence 2

Name: Independence 2
Length: 105'
Builder: Broward, USA
Year Launched: 1993/2007
Captain: Capt. Matt Braisted
Broker: RJC
Contact: (954) 525-3886.

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Hooter Patrol 4

Name: Hooter Patrol 4 (HP4)
Length: 97'
Builder: Hargrave, USA
Year Launched: 2006/2008/2010
Captain: Capt. Adam Marani
Broker: IYC

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Big City

Name: Big City
Length: 141'
Builder: Trinity, USA
Year Launched: 2009
Captain: Capt. Barry Bramhill
Broker: IYC
Contact: (954) 522-2323.

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At Last

At Last

Length: 145'
Builder: Heesen, Holland
Year Launched: 1990/2009
Captain: Capt. Herbert Magney
Broker: Churchill Yacht Partners
Contact: (954) 527-2626.

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