Refit and Upgrade

Refit and Upgrade

How to Upgrade Your Boat Like a Pro

As vice president of sales and marketing for custom superyacht mainstay Trinity Yachts, Billy Smith knows a thing or two about building a better boat. Capt. Bill Pike did a deep dive with him on how to improve the amenities, performance, and aesthetics of any boat, and they started with Smith’s 32-foot Mainship. Read here for must-have knowledge on upgrading your own boat.

Choosing the Right Cover for Your Boat

Boatyard: The Canvas Conversation

Modern-day marine fabrics have come a long way from the crusty canvas your father covered up his boat with. Today your boat cover can be made from such materials as acrylics, vinyls, space-age polymers, and more. It just depends on what you’re looking for, and of course, what your budget is.

Get Your Boat Surveyed

A surveyor can uncover problems you don’t see before they turn serious. Should you have your boat surveyed every couple of years? Mike Smith investigates the value of having a survey done on a boat you already own.

Joystick Control without the Pods

Many boat owners are looking for the simplicity and control of joystick maneuverability. But the pods or jet drives that were part of the deal may not always be welcome aboard. Learn more about new options that make slow-speed maneuvering easier here.

Expert Varnishing Tips

A good varnish job is a beautiful thing to behold. But getting it just right is not for the faint of heart—the trick is in the details. Learn how the professionals do the job here.

Upgrading Boat Upholstery

Take a step back and really look at your boat’s upholstery. Are your cushions looking their age? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Capt. Bill Pike’s tips will have you on the road to recover-y in no time with an in-depth look at fabrics and foam, and some insider insight into the process. Check out his report here.

How To Make Your Boat a Long-Term Investment

Maintenance Special:

There are ways to extend the life on onboard equipment. Capt. Bill Pike shares tips, wisdom, and proven techniques to help keep your boat running at the top of her game and her equipment doing yeoman service. But don’t go and order up an extra-large tub of elbow grease just yet, since some of Bill’s hints fall at the sweet end of the effort spectrum. Intrigued? Read more here.

Maintaining Dripless Shaft Seals

The dripless seals on your boat require just a little simple maintenance once or twice a year, if you ignore those seals they can turn ugly. Capt. Vincent Daniello will show you how to maintain the dripless shaft seals on your boat.

Refresh Your Boat’s Interior

The Smart Way to Refresh Your Interior

Maybe your saloon isn’t looking quite as sharp as you’d like. Take heart—we’ve got some expert advice on caring for onboard joinery that may save you time and money. Read all about it here.

How to Automate Your Trim Tabs

Looking for a DIY project that will help your boat run better? Adding automated trim-tab control may be just the ticket, since it adjusts running attitude while giving you one less thing to think about. Check out our step-by-step instructions here.

DIY Kit Boats

Unleash Your Inner Boatbuilder with a DIY Kit

Every boater dreams of stepping to the helm of a boat he built himself. But you’ve got to walk before you run, so check out our take on kits that will help you get your feet wet.

Pulling Propellers

There’s more to getting the propeller off the shaft than meets the eye, and more high-tech props make the job even more complex. Get the lowdown on what you need to know here.

How to Install a Cellular Booster

Add another layer of reliable communication on your boat with a cell-signal booster. Our install sorts out the installation, the connectors you need, and tells how to tune the system. Check out the step-by-step installation here.

The Lowdown on Lithium Batteries

Are lithium batteries worth the extra money? Lithium batteries are the latest thing, but what advantages do they really bring? Find out the pros and cons of upgrading your batteries to 21st-century technology.

Refit Guide

Nothing says you’re a real boater like taking on a refit project on your boat. We offer some expert advice for considering, planning, and executing a smart refit. Here’s how to get under way on that dream project.

Dreams and Deferrals

When it comes time to select a refit project for your boat, you can go in any number of directions. Make your short list: The projects that fit your boating style and budget will rise to the top. In the interest of simplifying the process, we offer some alternatives if it just isn’t the right time...

Boat In A Box

Hinckley Yachts rescues a Savannah 54 from a forgotten factory floor. Remember when you were a kid and you saved your allowance until you could go to the local hobby shop? You came home with a box marked Revell or Monogram, opened it, and then had to assemble all the itty-bitty parts? Well, that’s exactly what one owner presented to the Hinckley service yard in Savannah, Georgia. But it wasn’t for a little toy-sized model.  It was a 54-foot motoryacht. In pieces. Lots of them.

Installing Synthetic Teak Decks

Install synthetic teak decks and skip the constant maintenance.

Complete professional fabrication and installation runs anywhere from $65 to $95 per square foot. Mazel often accepts templates from boat owners in his shop and delivers finished teak panels, nearly ready to be glued down, for around $50 per square foot. Materials alone, including the three types of glue used and a 15-percent allowance for waste, run $37 per square foot.

Hands-On Stuffing Box Tips

Know how to keep your stuffing box happy? We have some DIY maintenance methods, including tips for both spud- and gland-type stuffing boxes, and some smart ways to head off problems. See an expert take on stuffing box care here.

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