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Bare Her Bottom

By Mike Smith | Posted August 2007

Procedures such as the Farrow System are eco-friendly.Eventually the day will come when you have to bare your bottom. No, I don't mean your college reunion or Mardi Gras—I'm...

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Fending Off

By Elizabeth Ginns... | Posted July 2007

Craig Wallace DaleI probably don't have to tell you about the benefits of having strong, solid, reliable fenders; when correctly positioned, they provide a cushion between your...

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No Sweat

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted March 2007

Major-league names in new wood coatings.My friend Don dang near had a conniption fit a while back when I made my little announcement. In fact, his gesticulations caused the...

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A Fine Grip on Paint

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted November 2006

When you're building yachts that cost tens of millions of dollars, it's crucial to give them a sophisticated, polished appearance, inside and out. While most people don't normally...

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A Lick of Paint

By Mike Smith | Posted November 2006

Invest in a professional paint job for a big payoff.When it comes to cost versus benefit, nothing beats a paint job. Investing in a fresh coat on your hull will not only make your...

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After the Fall

By Paul Esterle | Posted August 2006

Editorial deadlines are a funny thing. As I write this, it's hovering around 90 degrees outside, and everyone is getting ready for July 4th. However, the topic of this story...

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Washdown 101

By | Posted May 2006

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By | Posted June 2005

Did you know that hundreds of different marine plants and animals have invaded bays and harbors on the East Coast of the United States? While some become members of the local...

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Green Machine

By | Posted March 2004

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Barnacle Wars

By | Posted March 2004

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The Right Way to Paint

By Craig Anderson | Posted March 2004

A new generation of antifouling coatings promises better protection for running gear.

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Tough Stuff

By Capt. Ken Kreisler | Posted June 2003

Tough Stuff - Modern Bonding Materials

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One Good Turn

By George L. Petrie | Posted May 2003

One Good Turn — Maintenance April 2001

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The Big Hit

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted May 2003

The Big Hit — Maintenance April 2001

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Two Suggestions

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted April 2003

Given the level of expertise PMY readers enjoy, one thing I've always tried to avoid in this

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Best Face Forward

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted January 2003

Best Face Forward - Fiberglass Maintenance

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