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How to Rebuild a Fuel-Water Separator

Your fuel-water separator is an integral part of your boat. But do you know how to fix it if it starts to leak? Capt. Bill Pike shows you the ins and outs of repairing a Parker Racor FG500.

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How to Evaluate an Engine

Without a good engine, everything else onboard a powerboat is essentially rendered moot. In his Power & Propulsion column Capt. Richard Thiel points out some things you should do in the engine room before plunking down your hard-earned money on a vessel.

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How to Keep Your Props Clean

The very best way to coat a prop with anti-foulant.

If you want to keep your boat running as well as possible, you need to keep your props clean. Of course the best way to do that is to use anti-foulant. But there’s more than one way to coat a prop.

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Marine Fuel Additives

Does your fuel really need those additives?

Have you ever given much thought to the fuel additives you use, and whether or not they actually help—or worse, hurt—your boat’s performance? We have. Read here to find out our thoughts on the matter.

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How to Make the Most of Your Swim Platform

Your swim platform can be one of the most fun areas on your entire boat. But there’s more than meets the eye when choosing the right one for you; not the least of which is picking the right material. Read this for a deep dive on swim platforms.

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How to Finish Teak

No wood is more beautiful than well-maintained teak, whether it’s wearing many coats of expertly brushed varnish or a carefully applied surface of teak oil. Even bare teak looks nice if you clean it every day to keep it snowy white. But no matter how you treat your teak, it demands your attention or its appearance will soon go downhill. 

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The New Caterpillar C8.7

Capt. Richard Thiel investigates the new Caterpillar C8.7 and the market and regulatory forces that launched it. With emissions regulations becoming more and more stringent, CAT was forced to link up with an unlikely partner to get their powerplant off the ground: Fiat. Yes, Fiat.

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The Truth About Shafts and Pods

Since their invention, pod systems laid claim to the throne held by conventional shafts as the dominant form of marine propulsion. But that hasn’t necessarily happened. We investigated the details of how each system stacks up, from complexity to maintenance and costs.

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