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Spring Cleaning for your Engine Room

If you live in a northern climate you probably prepped your engines last fall so they would be ready to go, but there are other chores to consider around your engine room beyond those required just to get your boat ready to go in the water. Let me suggest a few that perhaps you hadn’t thought of...

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15 Essential Tools For Your Boat

With only so much space onboard, sometimes it’s hard to know which tools to bring, and which to leave behind. Let our expert help you out with that.

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How To Strip Your Bottom

All things come to an end, including bottom paint. Here’s how to cope with antifouling separation anxiety.

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Replacing Your Generator

When it comes to buying a new generator, bigger is not always better.

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Fuel-Water Separators Demystified

Your fuel-water separator may not be the most glamorous thing on your boat, but it could be one of the most important. Check out our guide to how to best take care of your system.

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How to Prepare for a Day on Your Boat

It turns out the Boy Scouts were right, preparation is key, particularly when you're boating. Here are some things you should be doing on dry land to maximize your time on the water.

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Install a Freshwater Head

You may be surprised to learn what switching to a freshwater toilet can do for your boat—and your quality of life on board.

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Solar Power on Your Boat

Solar power has been around for a long time, but in recent years advancements have been made that make it more practical and efficient for use on your boat. Still skeptical? You shouldn’t be. Read more here.

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