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Fuel Additives for Your Boat

With marine-store shelves sagging under fuel treatments that claim to address a variety of problems, Here's a closer look at three that just may do the trick.

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Installing a Cabin Heater on Your Boat

When it comes to keeping your boat cozy, you can’t beat a cabin heater. But installing one isn’t as simple as you might think.

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Installing a Bow Thruster and Joystick

A bow thruster and joystick install on our Grand Banks 42 project vessel shows how attainable this technology is for today’s boaters.

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How to do a Three-strand Splice

This is the easiest, most common splice. Typically, it’s used to put an eye in the end of a mooring line or anchor rode.

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Fiberglass Fabric Basics

So you’ve got a quarter guard that got torn up by a piling? Or you need to plug a hole left by an extracted through-hull? Fiberglass fabric’s the answer.

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How to Care for Your Compass

Is Your Compass Deviant? 

Sometimes your compass needs repair, or loses its heading. Check it now.

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How to Clean Your Engine Room

It’s hot, cramped, and hard to reach, but your engine room still needs a good scrub now and then. Here’s how the pros do it.

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Neptune 5 Bottom Paint

Easy cleanup and lightning-fast dry times are just a couple reasons why Pettit’s Neptune 5 might be the next bottom paint for your boat.

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