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Flexible Solar Panels

Solar panels—especially foldable ones—aren’t just for sailors anymore.

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How to Assess an Engine Room

Do you know what you’re looking at in your engine room? Even if the ways of diesel power are a mystery, Editor At Large Capt. Richard Thiel can show you what to look for and what it says about the boat you’re looking at.

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What a Walker FuelSep can do for Your Boat

Add a FuelSep to your engine’s fuel line and get ready for a cleaner burn. If you have cruising in your plans for the coming year—real cruising where remote island outposts may be the only refueling option—a Walker FuelSep may be a sensible addition to your fuel-line defenses.

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Guide to Fire Safety on Your Boat

There’s a lot of flammable material on a boat, and once fire gets a foothold you’ll be facing a hot, smokey situation with possibly toxic fumes. And if the flames ignite the fiberglass, chances are you’re looking at an abandon-ship situation. What fire extinguishers should you keep onboard to protect your boat and loved ones? Find out here.

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The Benefits of Using Infrared Sensors on Your Boat

When sussing out potential problems on board, some experts turn to infrared light. You can, too.

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What’s Your Boatyard Type?

Knowing your personality type will make your boatyard experience run smoother. Are you a Type D or a Type P?

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Upgrade Your Engine Room and Emergency Lighting with LEDs

Let there be (LED) light: A well-lit engine room can help you spot potential issues (read: oil leaks).

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What to do with Old Trumpet-Style Air Horns

Got an old, trumpet-style horn that’s grown feeble and/or worn-looking? To replace or refurbish? That is the question.

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