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Power Management: Lessons from Boeing

Anyone who owns a boat may have been thinking about batteries and charging systems quite a bit since Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner nightmare. The fact that diagnosis of the problem took as long as it did is a frightening prospect, but one cannot deny the benefits of new battery technologies—provided they’re managed properly...

Maintaining Dripless Shaft Seals

The dripless seals on your boat require just a little simple maintenance once or twice a year, if you ignore those seals they can turn ugly. Capt. Vincent Daniello will show you how to maintain the dripless shaft seals on your boat.

Refresh Your Boat’s Interior

The Smart Way to Refresh Your Interior

Maybe your saloon isn’t looking quite as sharp as you’d like. Take heart—we’ve got some expert advice on caring for onboard joinery that may save you time and money. Read all about it here.

Engine-Room Test

Take our engine-room test on your own terms. Know the names and locations of basic engine-room components and you won’t be embarrassed next time your mechanic comes calling.

How to Automate Your Trim Tabs

Looking for a DIY project that will help your boat run better? Adding automated trim-tab control may be just the ticket, since it adjusts running attitude while giving you one less thing to think about. Check out our step-by-step instructions here.

DIY Kit Boats

Unleash Your Inner Boatbuilder with a DIY Kit

Every boater dreams of stepping to the helm of a boat he built himself. But you’ve got to walk before you run, so check out our take on kits that will help you get your feet wet.

Pulling Propellers

There’s more to getting the propeller off the shaft than meets the eye, and more high-tech props make the job even more complex. Get the lowdown on what you need to know here.

Your Boat's Fuel in Winter

With the ethanol debate continuing to rage, should you gas up your boat before winterizing or leave the fuel tank empty?

Tips on caring for gasoline engines and fuel when you winterize your boat.

Outside-the-Box Outboards

Just when you think the latest gas-powered outboards have wrung every drop of power from a gallon of fuel, along comes a new way to tackle the problem. See two new developments here.

Diesel Engines and a Cleaner Environment

Power & Propulsion

If you pay any attention to the topic of boat engines, you’ve probably heard the term “common-rail diesel” bandied about and perhaps wondered what it means. In fact, this technology is in no way restricted to the marine venue; it’s also common in both stationary and vehicular powerplants, mainly because it helps diesels meet new, stricter emission standards. 

Hands-On Stuffing Box Tips

Know how to keep your stuffing box happy? We have some DIY maintenance methods, including tips for both spud- and gland-type stuffing boxes, and some smart ways to head off problems. See an expert take on stuffing box care here.

A Guide To Proper Seawater Plumbing

Plumbing for seawater circuits is critical. Centrifugal air-conditioning pumps must be below the waterline to prime, and seawater hoses must rise continuously uphill from the through-hull fitting to the sea strainer and to the pump, and then continue uphill with a single high spot at the air conditioner.

How To Add an Air Conditioner to Your Boat

How to Install an Air Conditioner on Your Boat

Boatbuilders want simpler installations, so today many air-conditioning systems now contain all electronics within a single remote-mounted electrical box. This allows flexible placement of air-conditioner units and simpler electrical connections—both are huge benefits for do-it-yourself installations.

Thruster Installation

Thruster Installation: A new thruster system offers an alternative to a conventional installation. How to install a thruster on your yacht.

Engine-Mount Maintenance

Properly maintained motor mounts result in more than just a vibration-free ride.

Regardless of what fuel prices are doing (wise not to think about it too much), it’s best to get as much as you can from every tank of fuel. Smart boaters are looking closely at their engines and tuning them for maximum efficiency. But based on my experience, it’s a safe bet that even many experienced boaters are overlooking one critical area...

How to exercise an unused engine

Sometimes I don’t have the time to actually take my boat out for two or three weeks at a time, but I do have time to run her Cummins diesels now and again. How often, how long, and at what rpm should I do this?

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