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Lazzara LMY 64

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted December 2013

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Lazzara LMY 64 Lazzara Yachts has always found a way to stand out from the rest of the pack. During his test of the Lazzara LMY 64, Editor-in-Chief Jason...

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Lazzara LMY 64

By Kevin Koenig | Posted October 2013

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Lazzara 64 There’s technology to spare in the latest launch from Lazzara Yachts. The LMY 64 has carbon-fiber construction, Volvo Penta IPS1200s,...

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Lazzara 76 - Used Boat Review

By Scott Shane | Posted February 2013

A Guide To Used Boats   The Lazzara 76 gave boat guys a yacht to run themselves. Still does. Power & Motoryacht's used boat review of the Lazzara 76.

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Lazzara Breeze 76

By Kevin Koenig | Posted May 2011

Lazzara Breeze 76If your question is “which new luxury cruising yacht should I check out next time I’m in the market?” then the answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The breeze to be exact—the...

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Lazzara 92

By | Posted December 2008

Dick Lazzara loves pods—pod drives that is. As I crank his new 92-foot LSX into a high-bank turn at 31 knots, he looks at me, extracts his cigar from his mouth, and announces, "This is the future. I...

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Kindred Spirits

By Diane M. Byrne | Posted December 2007

At most yards the first step in building a yacht involves rolling out fiberglass mat or cutting huge sheets of metal. At Lazzara Yachts, however, it all starts with pasta.From contract to completion...

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Lazzara LSX Quad 75

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted January 2007

The most memorable part of the sea trial I did on Lazzara's LSX Quad 75 started an hour or so after I'd maneuvered her free of her slip via a nifty joystick control and the most radical propulsion...

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Lazzara 84 Video

By | Posted February 2006

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Lazzara 84

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted January 2006

The boat’s ensign looks starch-stiff. It’s blowing 20-plus knots, and white-tipped four- to six-footers roll in steady sets. From the flying bridge 20-plus feet above the frothing water, I see a Gulf...

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