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The Challenges of Starting a Boat Company

Just because a man was successful in a previous field of business doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to conquer the boat industry. But he’s probably going to have to learn that the hard way.

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Weathering Catalina's Year-End Storm on a Mooring - Part 2

One California mariner learned the hard way that staying with your boat in a storm can quickly become a matter of life and death. This harrowing tale will draw you in from the get-go.

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Regulator 41

If you’re unconvinced that the age of the giant center console is upon us, the Regulator 41 may just change your mind.

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Make the Most of Your VHF Remote Microphone

Remote-mic VHF setups do more than ever. What will they do for you?

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Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge

Our Boat Test of the Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge. 

Thanks to her cool, swept-back profile, triple outboard power, and blazing offshore performance, the Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge puts out some serious sizzle.

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Sea Tales

A Nearly Fatal Misunderstanding

The first time Pierre Pierce took out his machine gun it was almost the last thing he ever did.

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Photo Gallery

Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP

A look at the Grand Banks 55 Aleutian RP.

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