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Building Something Great the American Way

It’s good to remember where America’s strengths lay—our boatbuilding may not be as specific as that of some countries have. But Sightlines columnist Michael Peters shares his take on what our country does best.

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Elandra 53 Sport Yacht

Our Boat Test of the Elandra 53 Sport Yacht. 

See what happens when some experienced Australian boatbuilders start a new brand of sport yacht. Or just get a load of the Elandra 53. Either way, your eyes will open. See why here.

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2016 Bahamas Billfish Championship

The Bahamas Billfish Championship will return to form with four exciting tournaments for Spring 2016. And the BBC also brings you a new marlin contest planned for Cuba—the Gamefish Grande Tournament.

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Prestige 680

Our first look at the Prestige 680. 

With a range of boats between 40 and 75 feet, Prestige has, in recent years, made a strong push into the midsize luxury cruising market. And the company’s popularity should be no surprise considering the attention to detail aboard its boats.

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Westport 112

Climb aboard one of the most successful 100+ foot production boats in the world.

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Miami Special

How to Buy the Best Boat at the Miami Show

It’s that time of year again. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect boat at this year’s Miami show.

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Flexible Solar Panels

Solar panels—especially foldable ones—aren’t just for sailors anymore.

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