Wavejet Propulsion


The Wavejet line of surfboards, paddleboards, and more have battery-powered propulsion to help you paddle out more easily, catch bigger waves, and even take a break if you need it. The company says its boards can be used to paddle into 50-foot-high waves, but if you just feel like giving your shoulders a rest, they’re good for that


Body Max

The Body Max is a multistation exercise machine‚ —complete with exertion-monitoring computer‚ —that unfolds a full workout from a cabinet that’s just 70 inches tall. The box holds a recumbent stationary bike and a bilateral pulley system with dual 30-pound weight stacks, and is customizable.

(starts at $10,500;

Grundn’s Gage Jacket

Grundns Weather Watch Rain Gear

This lightweight foul-weather jacket will stay dry inside and out, and it’s easily packable.

I’ve been into salty-looking foul-weather jackets ever since I saw the famous (and occasionally infamous) cruising sailor Tristan Jones wearing one with a

Staying fit onboard

Get beach-ready while onboard.

Alfa Nero

Power Plate

Though exercising during a relaxing megayacht charter may not be the first thing on your agenda, you may find all those multi-course meals catching up with you. Fortunately many yachts offer not only some of the best gym equipment but also some of the best views while you’re

Otter Box iPhone 4 Case

Otter Box iPhone 4 Case

The best protection for a boater’s iPhone?

Word arrived by e-mail—everybody at PMY was getting a new iPhone 4, the latest smartphone from Apple. Because I’m into protecting and preserving my tools, my immediate reaction was, “I gotta find the best, most boat-friendly protective case available for my phone, use

Out of the Bottle

These sunscreens offer the UV protection of traditional lotions without the mess.

I was born destined for sunburn. Even in the shade or on a cloudy day, I can burn, so I’m constantly looking for alternatives to sticky sunscreens that leave room for operator error resulting in patchy sunburn. (And yes, I speak from experience.) Thankfully, there’s a whole range new sunscreen products

Weather Warrior

It’s winter, which means that across America, boaters are facing wildly disparate weather conditions. If you’re a Rhode Islander, it might be 40 degrees and you’re wondering if you’d be crazy to hop onboard your boat one last time. You Floridians, on the other hand, are likely out and about, enjoying one 80-degree day after the next. The good news is, no matter what the weather’s like in your

Compact Multitools

Whether you’re tackling a serious upgrade or just doing some daily maintenance, you need to start with a solid set of tools. And no toolbox is complete without a multitool—that space-saving gizmo that combines several devices in one. From survival-focused models to fishing-friendly ones, there are a number of multis on the market that’ll help you complete that task du

Walk on

Fall is upon us. The leaves are turning, kids are gearing up for school, and if you’re anything like us, your thoughts are turning to shopping for your next vessel at one of the many upcoming boat shows. From Newport this month to Fort Lauderdale the next, there’s a whole lot of ground to cover when you’re a boat-show junkie, which means there’s also a whole lot of potential for serious foot

Maui Surf Shoes

I wore many forms of footgear while working on tugboats in my younger days, the most popular being cheap, lightweight department-store loafers with rubber bottoms and canvas topsides. I sported standard leather deck shoes back then as well but they were problematic, particularly when it came to soggy work. They seldom dried out between usages and, because of

Personal Maintenance

If you’re like most boat owners, you’re fanatical when it comes to maintaining your boat. There’s not a tool, tip, or technique that you won’t try. But bear this in mind: Your vessel’s not the only thing that takes a beating while you play. You do too. That’s why it pays to redirect a bit of that feverish devotion to all things maintenance and focus on keeping, well, you in mint condition. Here

In the Drink

Drum Protection

Swimming does a body good. It strengthens your muscles, works your lungs, and can be quite the tonic for your mind, too. There are, however, a couple of organs it can take a real toll on--your ears. Well, fear not infection phobes: Auricular protection does exist thanks to the Swimmer’s Ear Eliminator ($99.95),

Sunny Days

Protective Polo

The new Fast-Dri Pique Polo from Henri Lloyd may look like your standard issue T-shirt, but that traditional styling belies some decidedly high-tech features. The company's signature Fast-Dri fabric is lightweight, durable, and replete with a so-called Durable

Better Baggage

The Dry Bag

A dry bag is a dry bag is a dry bag, right? Not so, my friends. The new eVAC Dry Sack from Sea to Summit features a slight tweak on a fairly common design. You see, this dry bag's got the company's signature air-permeable eVENT fabric on its bottom, which means when you roll the sack down, air is pushed out of its base, allowing for easy compression

Fancy Feet

Classic Luxury

This may look like an old-school Sperry style, but don't be fooled: The new Gold Cup Toggle ($160) has been updated with some serious bling: 18K-gold-plated eyelets that won't corrode in the face of spray and salt. Now just because it's got real sartorial panache doesn't mean the Gold Cup skimps when it comes to performance. It has a

Shady Business

Sticky Shades

Costa Del Mar Blackfins

Sun, wind, and chop are no match for Blackfins ($139 to $239), the newest offering from the sunglass gurus at Costa Del Mar. Hydrolite, the company's signature rubberized compound, lines the frames and bridge of this aggressive-looking shade. According to Costa,

Kid Control

Game On

When your kids aren't splashing around in the water, they're probably lazing in front of the TV or listening to their iPods. Fed up with the tube-and-tunes routine? Encourage them to—gasp!—play a board game. Deep Sea-Opoly ($24.95) is Monopoly with a twist: Players buy bodies of water, catch big fish, and duke

Fast 'n Foldable

Best Bike

GoBike Motion ELX 8

The GoBike Motion ELX 8 ($999.99) is a feat of modern engineering—a lightweight, aluminum-frame bicycle that folds up in 25 seconds flat. If that doesn't impress you, consider this: The ELX 8's telescopic seat

A Moveable Feast

Cool Tunes

Why buy just any old cooler when you can choose a musical one? The Rolling Cooler/Audio System from Igloo ($149.95) is well insulated, holds as many as 58 12-ounce cans, and even plays tunes from your MP3 player. Don't own an iPod? Not to worry, this cooler also

Staying Dry


Gill: Atlantic OS4

I like two foul-weather jackets from Gill: the Atlantic OS4 (seen here), which has every bell and whistle, and the Key West. The former is made of a breathable waterproof fabric and is designed for freedom of movement under

Sole Performers

Step out in style in these sole performers.


Birkenstocks aren’t just for hippies anymore; now they’re for boaters, too. In fact, senior editor Capt. Bill Pike, who has foot problems (which he attributes to years of jumping onto docks

Sterns Children's PFD

If you want something a little less heavy-duty, consider one of these two models, which I found to also be completely comfortable. The $75 Manual Belt Pack PFD, part of West Marine's "Comfort Series" line, fits around your waist like a fanny pack; you barely notice it's there. Inflated, it provides 22.5 pounds of buoyancy, which makes it a U.S. Coast

Wondrous Wenger: Aquagraph 1,000 Meter Diver

Looking for a high-performance Swiss watch that's stylish and rugged but don't want to dip into the kids' college fund to pay for it? Then one of these from the maker of the famed Swiss Army Knife is a good bet. The $375 Aquagraph 1,000 Meter Diver offers many of the same features as some more expensive watches: It's waterproof to 3,300 feet, features a

Tantalizing TAG

If you're in the market for a high-performance marine watch, you simply cannot ignore the Aquaracer Calibre S from the Swiss company TAG Heuer. Designed with yacht racing in mind, it has a face inspired by sports car tachometers. TAG says the Calibre S is the first analog watch to feature two semicircular subdials with bidirectional hands. The Calibre S is the

Rockin' Rolex

Rolex, a sponsor of several offshore sailboat races and regattas and arguably la crme de la crme of high-end watches, has recently released three sporty but elegant beauties. The 31-jewel Yacht-Master (shown here in 18-karat yellow gold) is the priciest of the lot at $20,700 and features a special time-lapse bezel and Rolex's signature Oysterlock bracelet; the

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