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A Lightweight Electric Bike for Boaters

It’s Electric

The electric bicycle from Gocycle is something you really need to see to believe. It works like a normal bike, except at the push of a button it can propel you to 20 mph thanks to a 250-watt electric motor. It’s a great way to get from the docks to town. Check it out here.

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Boat Cleaner’s Tool Kit

If you’ve got a boat, then you’ve got to keep it clean. Some products are better at helping you do that than others. We picked some of the best. Find out what they are here.

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Tested: Weekend Warrior Gear

All the tools the weekend warrior needs to emerge victorious.

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How to Use Flares

A Primer on Flare Types and How to Use Them 

Flares are one of those things you need to know about even if you hope you never have to put that knowledge to use. Do you know the different types of flares and how to best use them? Read this for a full primer.

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Why You Need a Life Raft on Your Boat

A boat fire can spread in minutes, and have dire consequences. Read one man’s tale of the time his boat caught on fire while at sea, and learn why a good life raft might be the most important piece of equipment on your boat.

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Tested: Drybags for Boaters

A good drybag is a necessity on a boat. Whether you’re swimming in to the beach with your wallet and phone or just want to make extra-sure your new camera stays in working condition, a drybag is a must. We tried out a slew of them to see which is best. Here's what we found out.

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A good multitool is always a welcome tool onboard a boat. Whether you’re cutting a line or taking the hook out of a fish, it’s a great thing to have handy. We tested four different multitools, plus a nautically minded blade, to see which was best.

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Tested: Foul-Weather Gear

We rounded up a variety of foul-weather jackets from some well-known brands and tested them. 

When the wind picks up and the clouds get dark, it’s time to pull on the foulies. But not all foul-weather wear is created equal. We took five different jackets and put them through our own rigorous test to find out which is the best for you—better yet, we got it all on video. Read (and watch) more here.

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