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Flexible Solar Panels

Solar panels—especially foldable ones—aren’t just for sailors anymore.

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2016 Gear Guide

Not sure what to get the boater in your life? We've got you covered with these 14 new (AND TESTED) products. From safety equipment to electronics and grills, we break down what's hot this holiday season.

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Sea Eagle Needlenose 126 Standup Paddleboard

“As for the unique needlenose bow, I thought it was just a marketing ploy until I gently glided through the wake of a passing Sea Ray I was sure would put me in the water.”

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Yeti Hopper 30

A warm sunny day on the water and cold beverages go together like, well, a sunny day on the water and cold beverages. That’s why us boaters—perhaps more than any other group—demand the most from our coolers.

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A Damage Control Kit for Your Boat

Designed to help you deal with an assortment of leaks, ranging from a fuel-line rupture to a hull breach, most products in this set are relatively simple to use.

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Essential Equipment for Your Boat

Some onboard equipment is just indispensable, whether it’s required safety equipment or gear on which you’ve come to rely help you feel safe. To see the things we won’t leave the docks without, look here.

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How to Lasso a Piling

With practice, you should be able to lasso a piling with a mooring line from, say, 8 or 10 feet off.

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Tested: Sperry Boat Shoes

Both of these new releases from sperry promise boaters superior grip and lightning-fast drying times. We tested them out to see if their claims hold water.

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