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Touch and Go

KEP Dual Touch

KEP Marine recently introduced a line of dual-touch glass-bridge displays. KEPM GB Dual Touch Glass Bridge displays provide touchscreen functionality similar to that of computer tablets and smartphones that allow the user to zoom in or out using two fingers to control the image. The sunlight-viewable LCD screens are

How to relax in megayacht style

Sitting Pretty Aboard Megayachts

Lady Lara

Fendi Casa

Benetti’s 59-meter (193-foot) Lady Lara was the first yacht with an interior completely outfitted by Fendi Casa when she launched in March 2010. Fendi Casa is an extension of Fendi, the Italian

PFDs for everyone

Prepare for the worst with the best in PFDs.

M.I.T. 22

Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival has been producing personal flotation devices—or as its tagline says “saving lives”—since 1967. It offers two model lines: one with manual

Catch Some Z’s on the High Seas

When the motion of the ocean isn’t enough, these can help get you to sleep. Safe Bed. If you often have young guests onboard or charter your boat, your onboard mattresses can take quite a beating. Spills and stains are bound to happen when the going gets rough or just if you happen to be drinking wine in bed. Made in North Carolina, Zeus America will custom

Do-It-Yourself Monkey Fist Doorstop

Do-It-Yourself Monkey Fist Doorstop. Supplies Needed: 12 feet of line, rocks, and (optional) string to practice the knot. The monkey fist was originally designed to give weight to a line to help throw it. These days you can find the monkey fist for sale as a doorstop or paperweight starting at about $20, but most boaters already have the supplies and the basic...

Otter Box iPhone 4 Case

Otter Box iPhone 4 Case

The best protection for a boater’s iPhone?

Word arrived by e-mail—everybody at PMY was getting a new iPhone 4, the latest smartphone from Apple. Because I’m into protecting and preserving my tools, my immediate reaction was, “I gotta find the best, most boat-friendly protective case available for my phone, use

How to create a well-stocked cruise kit for your boat

Planning a cruise this summer to someplace far, far away? Take along an old-fashioned (or new-fashioned) cruise kit. The odds and sods in my Lehman Coastal Cruise Kit are gratifyingly varied, individually wrapped in plastic, clearly labeled, and stowed in a compact, easy-to-access plywood

Megayacht captains tell us what makes their job easier.

Cloud 9

Capt. Colin Boyle, of the 196-foot Cloud 9, says the yacht’s skylounge area is the go-to area for guests (and sometimes crew) and helps him keep everyone onboard happy:

Its rapid transformation into cinema mode wows most guests, with its huge screen and low, comfortable sofas for

Out of the Bottle

These sunscreens offer the UV protection of traditional lotions without the mess.

I was born destined for sunburn. Even in the shade or on a cloudy day, I can burn, so I’m constantly looking for alternatives to sticky sunscreens that leave room for operator error resulting in patchy sunburn. (And yes, I speak from experience.) Thankfully, there’s a whole range new sunscreen products

Enviro-friendly products for your boat.

These days, it’s hip to be green. But just because a company slaps a label on something and deems it environmentally sound, doesn’t make it true. Fortunately for those of you who are committed to reducing your environmental impact, there exist plenty of companies that are putting out truly eco-friendly products. From biofuel for your tender or PWC to chemical-free cleaning solutions, here are

Weather Warrior

It’s winter, which means that across America, boaters are facing wildly disparate weather conditions. If you’re a Rhode Islander, it might be 40 degrees and you’re wondering if you’d be crazy to hop onboard your boat one last time. You Floridians, on the other hand, are likely out and about, enjoying one 80-degree day after the next. The good news is, no matter what the weather’s like in your

Trick Your Ride

Everyone dreams about buying that new boat. Historically, PMY readers have traded up every three years. But for a lot of us, that usual step up is going to have to be deferred for a few months. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll have to put up with the same old boat. Take a look around, and you’ll see that there’s plenty of room for improvement onboard.

In this section PMY’s editors offer 14

Compact Multitools

Whether you’re tackling a serious upgrade or just doing some daily maintenance, you need to start with a solid set of tools. And no toolbox is complete without a multitool—that space-saving gizmo that combines several devices in one. From survival-focused models to fishing-friendly ones, there are a number of multis on the market that’ll help you complete that task du

Walk on

Fall is upon us. The leaves are turning, kids are gearing up for school, and if you’re anything like us, your thoughts are turning to shopping for your next vessel at one of the many upcoming boat shows. From Newport this month to Fort Lauderdale the next, there’s a whole lot of ground to cover when you’re a boat-show junkie, which means there’s also a whole lot of potential for serious foot

Dialing In

Modern radars like this Raymarine C120 may hide their manual set-up controls behind menus and soft keys, but they are still worth looking for.

If I ever happen to get the chance to play with someone else’s radar, I almost always set myself a challenge: can I get a better picture using manual adjustments than the radar’s automatic


My general feeling is that fake decking is the nautical equivalent of vinyl siding: a low-cost substitute that weathers well but will never be the aesthetic equivalent of the real thing.

That said, I must admit that Flexiteek is better than real teak in a few key ways. For one, it’s lighter. And, according to the manufacturer, it never needs to be oiled

Upgrade Season

Summer is upon us, which means it’s finally time to get your boat ready to hit the water. (Hey, we can’t all live in Florida.) And while a full-scale refit might not be in the cards for you this year, there’s still plenty of new equipment available that you can add to improve your vessel. Whether it’s something as involved as replacing your old genset with a new one or as simple as adding a bilge

Maui Surf Shoes

I wore many forms of footgear while working on tugboats in my younger days, the most popular being cheap, lightweight department-store loafers with rubber bottoms and canvas topsides. I sported standard leather deck shoes back then as well but they were problematic, particularly when it came to soggy work. They seldom dried out between usages and, because of

Custom Expressions

There’s no denying that boaters are a passionate lot. You take great pride in your own-the-water lifestyle and there are few things you love as much as your vessel. Well good news, boating fans. There are heaps of personalized accessories out there, from monogrammed koozies to customized chart art, that’ll help you show off that intense nautical ardor and pride of ownership. Yours is a great

Personal Maintenance

If you’re like most boat owners, you’re fanatical when it comes to maintaining your boat. There’s not a tool, tip, or technique that you won’t try. But bear this in mind: Your vessel’s not the only thing that takes a beating while you play. You do too. That’s why it pays to redirect a bit of that feverish devotion to all things maintenance and focus on keeping, well, you in mint condition. Here

Immersion Suit and Other Things We Like

There are a number of situations you never want to be in at sea. The most severe involve survival suits, those reddish-orange neoprene numbers colloquially referred to as gumby suits. The premise of the suit is simple: a one-piece, insulated, full-body floatation device that keeps you alive until rescuers find you, no matter the temperature (well, almost).

Salty Spirits

It might be a tad hyperbolic to claim that the bar is the heart of a yacht. Then again, maybe not. It is, after all, where friends congregate, guests linger, and countless hours of fun are enjoyed. Which is why whether you've got just one in the main saloon or four spread throughout your megayacht, a well-stocked, well-appointed bar is an absolute essential. To make sure yours qualifies, here are

Ship Shape

Littlest Trainer
It may look like a basic sport watch, but the new Garmin Forerunner 405 is anything but. This GPS-enabled tool (approximately $300) doesn't just tell time, it tracks your training, too. When you're ready to head to shore and get your run on, the Forerunner'll keep track of

Stocking Stuffers

Fish Time

It's no Rolex, but the Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Fish Finder Watch is still pretty cool. This $79, waterproof wrist unit uses the company's "Advanced Remote Sonar Sensor wireless technology" (with a wireless range of 75 feet) to transmit real-time readings to its 11⁄4'' LCD display. The watch's sensor covers

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