Who is not, not at all, interested in the privacy of yachtowner?

If I were a yacht owner I would not join in and post in the forum. Many members are amazingly interested in the craftsmanship the yachts represent and they have an admirable knowledge about engineering, which I appreciate very much.
A couple of members are interested in owner's privat affairs to an extent which I don't unterstand at all. If I were an owner I would be mainly annoyed about it. There happens to occure in the forum a post of an owner, rarely, and soon a number of very few members of the forum jump on them like little monkeys on the banana. There won't be many owners posting in the forum if that continues.
I'm not interested very much in owners of yachts or had an inner drive forcing me to find out their names. The yachts and their represented craftsmanship, destinations, marinas... are rather my goal of interest. Who else?