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I may be flogging a dead horse with this thread, and it probably has been covered in bits and pieces before, but I was wondering what the future direction is fo a Mega Yacht.
More and more people are buying into that segment for personal and business reasons putting a lot of competitive stress amongst the builders. Since the number of wealthy is always on the rise, unfortunately the ever-growing operational costs are off setting the dream for most nevertheless. Keeping that in mind, are the yards/designers being forced to do away with individuality & style and strictly focusing on "cost effective" building and design that produces the most "square footage for the dollar" in order to survive. Obviously the very wealthy will always have the luxury of providing us with beautiful works of art even if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but as a norm, the majority of yachts will be and are produced on a similar (cookie cutter) template with only minor exterior variations in order to give a hint of individuality. This is already evident in the so-called new designs coming out from the major yards as we speak. Although there will always be innovation in propulsion and technological advancements, is design stagnated and dead for all intense and purpose. Is the future mega yacht design ready for a slicker lower profile with additional sail power, or is that a pipe dream what will only be explored when a barrel of oil hits $200. Is individual mega yacht ownership dead, and yachts will only be produced and supplied for charter purposes, hence we see interior designs ranging from "Vegas theme rooms" to "medieval castles". Maybe it's just me?.
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