Superyacht Capital (Capitol) Of The World

I've always felt that the south of France with Antibes at its centre was the legitimate holder of the title Yachting Capital Of The World. Or at least nowadays Superyacht Capital Of The World. Of course, I may be somewhat biased...

Recently however, I've become alarmed at the number of other pretenders "to the throne". A non-exhaustive list includes:

Fort Lauderdale Yachting Capitol Of The World
British Virgin Islands Yachting Capital Of The World
Marblehead (Mass. USA) Birthplace Of The US Navy and Yachting Capitol Of The World
Cowes (IOW UK) Yachting Capital Of The World
Newport (Rhode Island USA) America's Yachting Capitol
Phuket (Thailand) Yachting Capital Of Asia

Perhaps it's time to reconsider one's ingrained ideas and review the situation. What are the attributes required to be considered as a Capital of anything? Maybe it's time for the south of France to pass on the crown to someone else?