Progress of Nabila's construction

Hello there!
It's been a while that I posted something here, my first topic has fallen to sleep I guess so I thought that I could start a new one.
Some will remember me a couple of month ago when I asked you for pictures and information about THE yacht, the Nabila. I thought that it could be interesting for you to see what happened. Well, please take a look at the pictures. No, I am sorry that I can't present you a highly detailed supermodel made of wood or plastic (well, it is actually made of plastic ). I think you all can see what it will be made of so... Laugh if you want to. I am very satisfied with the result because I know how it was looking at the very beginning- way different! It was a continues progress of building, deleting, changing and once again and again and again... What you see is the work of about 18 months. But I hope that the front section will go faster. It should be a lot easier. Well, I hope...
The off-colour parts will be replaced later, of course! The l.o.a. will be about 1,15 m. What you see on the pics has a value of at least 850
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