Perfect Prescription

First off, hello again to all, as I have not been here for a while...

I don't usually have much to comment in regards to megayachts, but I just have to ask this question in regards to Perfect Prescription on the cover of the November issue.
I find that photo one of the most "suitable for framing" images of any large yacht I have seen for some time. Her beautiful lines are captured magnificently, albeit the spray exiting the hawspipe does take some of the perfection away from the image...
Now my question;
What on Earth is that radar reflector doing on that stay?
There is no way I can believe that a vessel of even composite build of that size (and the subject boat is of metal construction!), would require such an ugly, in-your-face appendage. I can see the reason for blowboats carrying such things...
And, if the Captain wanted peace of mind re being seen on radar, then there are more esthetically pleasing devices that can be mounted high on the mast.

I have this sneaky suspicion, that the Captain / Crew may have thought they were hoisting the anchor signal, which of course is a black ball, of about the size of the ugly radar reflector.

Sorry if I am nitpicking...but I would definitely be discussing this with my Captain if I was the owner...

Modified by Capt. Joe at 11:42 PM 10/22/2004

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