M/V Constellation | 88.50 m

just spotted this mega yacht / cruiseship outside Puerto Banus on


http://www.mvconstellation.com/ from the interior photo`s its not a cruiseship.From the outside it looks like a ferry. 48 guests in fourteen (14) spacious two room suites plus ten (10) twin bedded staterooms.

Does other yacht have more passenger space, some of these might have http://www.agent4stars.com/yachts1.htm Al Salamah -Savarona-Alexander

update: Lady Haya http://www.agent4stars.com/YachtLadyHaya.htm came into the puerto banus the same time M/V Constellation arrived, Lady Haya is a Saudi yacht, M/V Constellation is a charter yacht maybe charter by Saudis?

Its got the layout and space, will post photos later today.
M/V Constellation is moored outside the port

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