Have there been built any large motorsailers lately?

I'm trying to design/model my own fantasy yacht, and with all the enviromental focus and high oilprices, I was thinking about turning her into a motorsailer. (Just so you know, I'm not a designer.)

The yachts and ships I have downloaded photos of are: Phocea, Islander, Felicita West and Wind spirit (Windstar Cruises). (I do know about the Maltese Falcon, but she don't realy fit in.)

(The Windstar Cruises 3 sister ships are the most interresting at the moment. 134m, with 4 masts and all with jibs. They are large and heavy cruise ships and if those 3 sisters can work, a mega motorsailer with less weigth and less superstructure should work even better.)

So question 2, any other motorsailers or sailyachts I should look at for inspiration?