Million Dollar Boats On The Travel Channel

WOW! I had the chance to see and tape this show last night (12/20/04). It was mostly about high-performance boats, but the Wally Wallypower 118 was documented. This was absolutely amazing to see! They had the owner of Wally (boats) there and he was interviewed. They even took us inside, AND it was not pictures, but actual video footage. For me, being a big fan of the Wally 118, this was very exciting. This kind of stuff is NEVER on TV and I was so happy to see something like this finally. If you are unhappy with my lack of "Megayachts" here, I saw Shalimar this summer in the BVI. I also saw Cherosa at her dock in Connecticut this summer as well. Also, and this might be funny to some, I mistaked Holo Kai a 105 footer for Le Grand Blue. Yes, I know it was a mighty mistake, but perhaps some will laugh at it. I apologize for my lack of staying on topic, but I rarely post and thought I would get it all out.