The Millennium/Mulder/Staluppi yacht pictures

This has been quite a hunt!
I just came back from the yacht and it turns out that my finding her is even more lucky then i thought! Yesterday i found her on the site wich is mentioned earlier in this topic and today it turns out that she wasnt moving at all, but they did some diagnostics that lasted an hour at most so indeed a lucky find.
I talked with the projectmanger which is also part of the Mulder design team which was very interesting. She doesnt have 2 diesels and one lycoming turbine as i thought, but she has even 2 turbines!
These are actually helicopter turbines and she has one massive exhaust per turbine in het stern(1 mtr bu 80 centimeters is my guess).
The projectmanager has been on the trials and told me that you absolutely hear, nor feel anything from the turbines because of her enormous rpm's.
I took a lot of pictures and put about half of em on the link below. The other half will have to wait after 16 august because thats the delivery date and they are a bit hesitant about publicizing pictures of an unfinished product. The pictures that you can see now, are therefore solely made from the public road as can be seen by any bypasser.
I think its a very well balanced yacht and it disguises its 47 mtr's very well.
You'll also notice a mystery yacht twice her size behind her. This is not a millenium yacht but this location is where they make interiors so the 2 of em together is a coincidence. I estimate that the other ship is about 90 mtr. and they were doing a refit on her e.a. this is absolutely not a new yacht, but still, BIG... Your guess is as good as mine here as to which one:).

Guess what; rumour has it that mr. Staluppi has already ordered another yacht, less fast though as they feel that 70 knots is about the max...
Have fun watching the pics!

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