Jewels of the Med 2006

New pics online!

Our annual trip to the Med was as fanatastic as usual. This year happened to co-incide with the Rendezvous in Monaco. Those present included Alysia, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Galaxy, Paladin, Magic, Mystere Shadow and Ambrosia to name but a few! At Antibes were Kogo and Carinthia VII with Apoise, Ronin, Paraffin and the usual cast of Abramovich yachts!

My dearly beloved found a few more shots taken last year so I will update the 2005 album once we have them downloaded.

As a point of interest ... Atlantis II appears to have changed her mooring and was on the outer wall of the original harbour wall. So no more need to 'reverse' out of the harbour! We also happened across some beautiful classic sailing yachts leaving St Tropez and have included a couple of pics of these majestic vessels.

As I am only an 'armchair' boat owner I know none of the joys of owning and sailing my own yacht but can only dream and read! I hope the pics entertain!

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