Info and pictures needed about NABILA

Hello Forum Members!

My account is about 5 minutes old and this will be my first post here...

I would like to intruduce myself a little bit:
My name is Michael and I live in Germany. I am 31 years old and work as an architect. I am interested in every kind of design -on street and water or in the air- so yachting is not my number one hobby to be honest. But the Design of a yacht is fascinating me (for example "A", Wally Power, Maltese Falcon...). A yacht is a house on the water, so there is maybe a connection to my job.
Well, one yacht is my alltime favourite and will allways be! It's my personal master piece. I guess my account says it all

Yes, the Nabila is my obsession. Some of you will remember me when I have send some mails to members here about layout scans. Thank's again to everybody!
I am planning to build a desktop model of Nabila, and I am still busy by doing research. But it seems that I have reached a limit. I'm browsing through the www for month now, hunting every little piece that could contain some pictures of the Nabila. The Kingdom 5KR is not what I want to build. I like the 80s colours so much!!!
I have also been in contact with Dickie Bannenberg and he answered my first mail so fast and I really thought that he would like to help me...But he never wrote back
So, if someone here has pictures of my beauty- please let me know!!!
I also have some general questions about the Nabila:

- I do know now that it had 3 tender boats on the back section: 2 Rivas, but what boat was the third? In the book "the richest man in the world" from '86 about A.K. there is a picture in black & white from the right side. But the photo is too dark, I can't see that boat detailed enough. But it seems that it is not open on top, you can see windows on the side. Does anybody know more about that tender boat?

- I also wonder about the original layout of the helipad. The bond movie is the absolut best resource for details from above, but they used that spectre sign in the film. I guess the original was a black or dark grey circle with an "H" in the middle!?!? Maybe white or yellow? Any ideas?

Ok, I guess I better close now. I hope that some of you would like to help me. Maybe somebody here feels the same about Nabila and would like to talk with me about it? I would like to!!!

Thank's in advance to everybody here!!!