Illuminated Yacht Signs

Hi guys. My company made the metal illuminated signs on the sides of Aussie Rules, Perfect Prescription and Sycara III for Oceanfast - all magnificent boats and all of which have changed hands since they were launched I believe.

We are trying to get hold of a couple of photos of these boats, and more specifically of the signs, preferably at night. Most photos just show the whole boat - we obviously need close-ups.

All normal routes have been fruitless - I'm thinking that perhaps the only way would be to either contact the ships (then) captain or the agent who sold the boats - both of which would probably have taken a lot of photos of the boats.

Can anyone advise who the captains of these boats is/were, or if you know which agent sold the boats?

Any help gratefully received. Great site, by the way - it's only serving to get me more excited about my first trip to Fort Lauderdale later this year.