If you were silly rich, what would your yacht be called and look like?

I'll start off. Although I haven't seen many yachts that are very attractive and distinctive as far as mega or giga yachts go ... m/y Reverie or Annaliesse or Alpha Nero come to mind...but they aren't so attractive compared to what I imagine.

1st Idea, Name:

I would have granules of yellow, tan, and gold shades throughout the hull, a triple decker, 50 ft beam, and it would be 260ish ft in length. The teak would not have the black lines running parallel, instead would be bounded by a better product that does not cause black marks to bleed out especially when the teak would need cleaning.
There would be a large jacuzzi on the middle deck, two smaller ones up top, and on the aft, a large pool with a small jacuzzi that could transform into a regular teak deck at the switch of a button. The interior would basically be an island contemporary look without so much flash and wasted articles all over the place; it would exude air and lightness to a zen like atmosphere...but in a S. Florida/Bahama feel.

I'd call this yacht "Nice Try" as way to stick it to the nasty crew industry and crew agents. Yeah, take that [S]crew industry as I'm singin on some MTV vid while I'm up on my prized yacht, M/Y NICE TRY in gold lettering, but sort of in a bold and in that "Nice and Easy" font from the hair color brand. Oh yeah! Kinda tacky, but it'll do the job with respect to my "theme".

2nd Idea, Name:

This would be for thee largest yacht known to humans. Well, maybe slighter bigger than m/y Eclipse...but way more regal.
I would not have some trumped up [as on Eclipse] heli-pad on any of "my" yachts, since yacht heli-pads should basically be internationaly banned, and since it just obnoxious and narcissistic to casually have stuff like that on a small confined structure. However, in case there had to be an emergency landing, I would have room around the hull of the yacht for a make shift emergency heli-pad in order to provide aide to someone who was sick or if the boat was sinking and people needed to be rescued... you get what I'm saying.

Anyway, this yacht's hull would be the color blue from the American flag, the teak would have black STARS lined throughout. It would AT LEAST be quad decked, wide beamed, and white aound the inner exterior. The flag of course would be US..ahem PAUL ALLEN...LARRaY, PayTE.

I would hire a good [NOT just ANGLO] mix of crew because that is the American way...unlike "some people's" way. The interior would be lined with dark maple or pecan wood with a little varnish, walls outlined with portraits of US presidents, white/beige carpet, dark blue walls in the salons. I would call this m/y Constitution.

Just added today, I think it would pretty amazing to create a color for the hull of a yacht that almost mirrors the water or the change in water...yeah, only in a dream...and no it's not as tacky of idea as one might think.

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