Help - A bit off topic

Hi everyone out there, this is a little off topic but I wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction as you have a very active community here.

This forum appeared from a google search of the MY Paminusch. I am actually trying to find out what happened to an old freind when it sold to become Monteath. I have an old mobile number for them, but that is now unconnected.

I left Monaco myself in November 1997 and was in touch via this mobile phone for probably another year, however after that I was unable to reach it & at that time living in Australia.

I have established that no crew followed the new owner as Paminusch almost immediatly went to have its refit for the new owner.

If anyone was around at the same time as me and knew the crew I would love to hear from them or if anyone can point me in another direction that would be great. I can verify this is a genuine search with photos etc (if I can work out how to scan old non-digital prints!

Your help would be appreciated....