A few pictures of the MY Galeb

Finally I was able to take some pictures of the possible future MY Galeb although I doubt so as things are going on around this ship.

I would apologize if the pictures are not so spectacular but this was the only way I was able to make them without being noticed by the security guards of the shipyard. There is a piece of fence in one of the pictures so sorry for that. I hope I'll be able to find someone who works in the shipyard to make some photos as from the outside this is the best that can be made.

I really hope that this turns out to be a nice yacht but as Mr. Papanicolau is on trial with the shipyard because of some 500.000,00 USD of unpaid dept the ship has been confiscated until the trial is over. In the meantime it almost sinked and the managers of the shipyard says that if they win the trial and got the boat it will be scrapped, but that is unlikely to happen as in this way they would earn only about 350.000,00 USD or they will take it on the open sea and sink it or sell it to someone else that could be interested but until the trial ends the whole debt would be higher than the price of the boat.
For what I was able to find out Mr. Papanicolau said to the shipyard that after they refitted Christina O they just had to keep Galeb afloat and do nothing else. Mr Papanicolau said also that because of the problems in the yacht charter industry he has lost alot of money and has no possibilities to pay the refit of the Galeb that should cost around 60.000.000,00 USD at this time.
I hope that someone with enough money will come out and buy it as I think it is a nice opportunity to buy a peace of history as all the things that Tito had on board and all the gifts that he received when visiting foreign countries is still on board placed in big boxes.
Because of the great history of this boat I would really like to see it on the sea nice and shiny again and not to become a fish meeting spot or worse.

Some technical info on the boat:

Build: 1938, Genova/Italy
LOA: 116,78 m
Beam: 15,3 m
Weight: 4.010 t
Engine: 2 FIAT diesel engines of 1839 HP each
Max speed: 18 knots

One interesting thing is that after WWII the ship sinked as the former German minelayer Kibitz and remained underwater for 4 whole years before it was taken out and refitted as the Navy flagship.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is the link:


I hope that I didn't go too off topic but as this could be and it is registered as a yacht I tough that someone would be interested in reading this...

Regards ,


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