Feadship design issues

Dear Forum members and yachtspotters:

I thoroughly enjoy reading your various (mostly positive-thanks!) comments on our recent designs and the Feadship style/harmony/lines. This is a subject we do take quite serious indeed: in 2005, we have had a graduating student from the Delft Institute of Technology do a thesis on what it is that makes a Feadship. The outcome was surprising for us: there are a small but very definite number of cues that determine the Feadship style. The old Greeks and Leonardo defined the golden ratio and mankind has been striving to achieve this in design, apparently there is something like the Feadship golden ratio for yachts.. Cool stuff.

It has to do with harmony, the quest for ultimate beauty, coherence, division of visual weight, length/beam proportions (but it's not quite as simple as that, see your Forum's debate on Utopia and our recent 80+metre design). In short, yachts, being creations of luxury, they hence Must be beautiful;they just have to be, their function is to please in every sense, first and foremost aesthetically... or should form just follow function (like the 70's yachts), are Designers (not being Naval Architects) a blessing or a curse? (come on Bannenberg jr/Heywood/Glade Johnson)

I would appreciate the Forum members to give us (all yachtbuilders, not just Feadship!) guidance by explaining which yachts are beautiful, and Why...

To get you started: Daria/Wedge One, the first Karinthia, any Perini Navi, Hyperion, Callisto, all Attessa's, Sussurro, Mylin IV, Heavenly Daze, Siran, Pelorus....

"life is too short (and build times are too long) to build ugly boats"

Henk de Vries III

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