Environmental friendly yachts

Looking this day at the yacht Maltese Falcon, I have to say:

Sorry guys, fans of motoryachts: but this is a real advance in technology. In times of Kyoto protocol and such things, when a motor yacht of this size burns tousands of liters of fuels an hour (emitting tons of CO2 and kilograms of soot, which is cancerous) this vessel runs ZERO emission! And looks amazing, I must admit.

I know that rich people can afford it to buy the fuel; but they should be more careful about the environment, especially because they can afford to buy "clean" technologies.

So I'm a bit disappointed to see that there is a lack of "green" yachts , except ICE lately. In these days, when a car (I own myself a diesel) is low emission, one would not dare to put oneself's nose near the exhaust of a ship;it stinks and I think you will suffocate.

Please, shipowners, invest some 50k