Do you You Tube??

Just like E-bay and the Ipod, You Tube goes in that category.. "evrybody's doing it" To bring you up to speed, You Tube is a free online video streaming service that allows users to veiw and share videos that have been uploaded by members. Anyone can view and share videos. You Tube's members rate videos they like, You Tube review highly - rated and recent videos for consideration in ' Todays Featured Videos'

Super, Mega, sail, Power and the like feature prominently on You Tube, there are plenty of walk thru's and heli vids in exotic locations. From heli landings, master suites, owners and builders interviews, charter reports, and of coursse the odd blooper.. This is like taking "webshots" to a video level on this forum for PMY forum members. Go to and type in any name or subject relavent to motor yachting and your shuould have some good videos come up.