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The difference between America and the rest of the world, I have now been in the states for 6 months selling new yachts but also handling the odd sale over in the Bahamas. In Florida you have a broker licence which is not easily available to outsiders in fact to be able to have one, 2 years selling in the states bla bla bla, but the American brokers can go where they like and steal our nice mega yacht deals. Also no wages just commission so the brokers move from company to company and very much looked down on by shipyard management. Yacht salesmen sell yachts!! you can not do their job!! no sales no company !! I think the Europeans should ban all USA yacht brokers or change the rules, I think ship companies for their own survival should treat their sales staff better including a basic wage and commissions. Their should be a governing body to over see this side of the industry. I have eight yachts sales pending but I know guys who have sold nothing in a year, not their fault just not the buyers available and in some cases the ship yard has sold the yacht direct passing the sales brokers!! Not good even a girl has a rights on a check out counter. My friend sells high end cars and his clients get better treatment than if you spend millions with ship yards. This is only a start, stop charging crazy prices, bad service and cheaper docking to attract more people into the yachting world not the reverse. Its the most relaxing time a client will have own his vessel lets try and keep it that way and bring more people onto the water.
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