Asking for images


A while back I've compiled a list with the 15 largest yachts in the world with images, based on the PMY Top 100 private yachts list. Due to some issues with the photos (I didn't ask for prior permission to use them, my mistake), they were taken out as soon as the mistake was pointed.

Now, let's do it the proper way.

I'm therefore asking for images of the yachts featured to be added to the list, with the proper permission for them to be used in the list context.
The list has been compilied for pure information purposes, there's no commercial intent in it.

Here's the link to the list:
World's top 15 yachts list

Currently, images for all of the yachts featured are needed...

If you wish, you can send the pictures or the link to them to this e-mail:

Many thanks in advance,