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Delta Boat Works in Isleton, California

Our reader selection for October 2012 is Delta Boat Works in Isleton, California.

Delta Boat Works in Isleton, CaliforniaPower & Motoryacht reader Don Roberts writes:

“My favorite boatyard (marine hospital) is Delta Boat Works in Isleton, California. Releasing my vessel, Volare, a 50-foot Marine Trader, over to anyone for repair is similar to taking my wife to the hospital for exploratory surgery. My Delta ‘doctor’ sits down with me in advance with a wonderful ‘boat-side manner’ and assures me that he will treat my Volare with the same loving care that he would his own ‘wife.’ They may not be the least expensive ‘hospital’ in the area but they always return my ‘wife’ back to me in as good or better condition than when she was admitted. When I get my bill it has a detailed accounting of every procedure even down to every nut, bolt, and screw needed. Now that I think about it, it is probably time to send her in—just for a routine ‘checkup.’” 

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