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Intellian D-Series

When DirecTV announced earlier this year that all of its high-definition programming would be broadcast from its Ka-band satellites only, boaters who wanted to receive it and DirecTV’s standard-definition programming (broadcast on the Ku band) had to buy an expensive, complex dual-antenna system. No more.

Intellian has unveiled its new d-Series antennas, the d4 and d6, which can receive signals from both of DirecTV’s two Ka-band and three Ku-band satellites. Designed specifically for the marine market, they are said to be 85 percent smaller in volume and 75 percent lighter than comparable units, making them ideal for smaller vessels. For example, with a 24-inch-diameter dish and 44-pound weight, the d6 compares to a 50-inch, 207-pound dome. The d4 is even more compact: an 18-inch dish and 251⁄2-pound weight.

Both domes are easy to use: They automatically switch among the five satellites, just like your home TV system does, so there’s no picture interruption. And they’re so easy to install, Intellian says most boaters can do the job themselves.

Intellian (949) 916-4411.

This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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