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2001 Engine Preview

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The newest product from Cummins is not an engine but a program, an innovative one that will make the lives of Cummins customers a lot easier. It's called the Captain's Briefing, and it involves an onboard introduction by a certified mechanic. The program, which is free, is open to owners of recreational boats delivered in North America after October 1, 2000 powered by Cummins high-output engines. As a bonus, if the boat also has an Onan genset, the briefing will include it as well. (Onan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins.)

Topics include start-up and shutdown guidelines, basic maintenance, and normal operating procedures. The service person will also introduce the owner to his or her local Cummins dealer and answer any questions about topics ranging from engine performance to warranty coverage.

Cummins (843) 745-1620. Fax: (843) 745-1549.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2003 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.