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Apps For Your Boat

fusion icon FusionLink,
$29.95; www.fusionelectronics.com
Control stereo functionality on the Fusion 700 series marine stereos through an iPad or Smartphone.
Fusion MS-IP700
Read more about Fusion marine stereos here.

 BOATraNET icon

free; www.digitalyacht.co.uk
Not really an app, but it acts just like one. The BOATraNET offers browser access to the boat’s intranet folders and functions.


$49.95; www.raymarine.com
View and control all MFD functions from an iPad with a virtual keypad and screen repeater.
Raymarine e125
Click here to see a video about Raymarine Mobile Apps for c-Series and e-Series
RayRemote RayRemote,
$29.95; www.raymarine.com
Separate screens allow the user to view and control all MFD functions from a smartphone.

NavNet Data Viewer

Furuno NavNet Data Viewer,
free; www.navnet.com
View data shared by the TZtouch on the wireless network on an iPhone or iPad.

Furuno TZT14
NavNet  Remote  Control, Furuno NavNet Remote Control,
free; www.navnet.com
View and control TZtouch functions from an iPad over the wireless network.