GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 Marine Security System

A Simple Way to Secure Your Boat: The GOST NT-Evolution is just that—evolved. The onboard security system is compact enough for a center console, yet capable enough to provide security monitoring for a much larger boat, with sensors available to fit any need you can imagine. Check it out here.

Simrad NAIS-400

The Simrad NAIS-400 is a black-box Class-B AIS transponder that connects with compatible multifunction displays to show the position and movement of all AIS-equipped vessels within range.

Vesper XB-8000 AIS Transponder

If you need AIS functionality without another screen on your helm, Vesper Marine has a solution. A black-box transponder also has a built-in 50-channel GPS, plus a design that makes it easy to rig without crimping the cables you’re plugging in.

KEP Marine KCAM-IP2HD Network Camera

KEP Marine’s KCAM-IP2HD network camera combines high-definition imaging with Internet Protocol (IP) functionality for a variety of onboard functions, including surveillance and eliminating blind spots.


It never hurts to pay attention to safety gear and keep your boat’s kit up to date. That said, the Simrad EG70 GPS-EPIRB has some clever design features and components that make a lot of sense.

Kannad Marine SafeLink R10 SRS

The Federal Communications Commission has approved for use the SafeLink R10 Survival Recovery System (SRS). Designed to be attached to a PFD and activated by its wearer, the R10 SRS uses GPS and Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology to send structured alerts with precise location information to AIS-equipped vessels within a 4-mile radius.

SI-TEX SAS-300 AIS Transceiver

The new SI-TEX Marine Electronics SAS-300 recreational AIS transceiver can track nearby shipping on a 6.5-inch screen to ensure a high degree of situational awareness for anyone at the helm.

Vesper WatchMate Vision

WatchMate Vision, revealed at the Miami International Boat Show—and winner of an Innovation Award at the show—is the first dedicated Class B AIS transponder with touchscreen control.

Threats to GPS from Land-Based Signal Boosters

Defending the bandwidth for GPS.We’ve all had voyages that weren’t quite what we signed up for when we first got into boating—trips in which the wind and sea on the nose have made passagemaking quite a bit slower—and less fun—than it’s meant to be, and when rain has reduced the passing scenery to intermittent glimpses of a gray smudge. But suppose, just when the first sight of harbor lights promises the reward of shore power, showers, and a decent meal—your plotter loses its fix. Wouldn’t that just put the cherry on it? That could become absolutely standard if one particular company has its way.

OceanView SteadyView

OceanView has added an option called SteadyView, a form of stabilization that is designed to remove the effects of unwanted camera movement, to its Apollo range of dual-sensor cameras.

Whole-Boat Electronics

Think about each component of your boat’s electronics to create a powerful system that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Using technology to protect your boat.

You can’t put a price on your family’s lives.” It’s a simple sales pitch that is used to sell all kinds of safety equipment from liferafts to flashlights—including some devices that are little better than snake oil. But amongst the acronym-heavy selection of electronics there are a few systems that really could be lifesavers...

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