FLIR First Mate II MS-224b

FLIR Helps Boaters Know What They’re Seeing 

Night vision is cool technology, no doubt about it. But interpreting what you’re seeing on a thermal-imaging scope is not always be simple—until now. Instalert is FLIR’s answer to that. See what it does here.

Lowrance Elite-7 Chartplotter/Fishfinder

Learn about the Lowrance Elite 7 Chartplotter and Fishfinder//Lowrance’s latest chartplotter, the Elite 7 HDI combines navigation and sounding functions in one easy-to-use unit with many interesting features, including NMEA 2000 compatibility. Need a new plotter? Have a look at this.

Navionics SonarCharts

Navionics’s SonarCharts use sonar logs from users, along with data from the hydrographic office and proprietary surveys to add detail to a layer of cartography.

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch

You may not have looked at Lowrance lately. That’s because you’ve never seen anything like this before: The HDS-9 Gen2 Touch. It’s got a lot of functions you may decide you can’t live without. And you don’t have to, anymore. Check it out here.

C-Map 4D

Time is on your side with C-MAP’s 4D charts, which include high-resolution bathymetry and additional wreck and marina data to help you plan voyages and fishing trips. Updated cartography prevents headaches and saves you fuel, and, yes, time.

Wireless Boats

Your helm may create its own Wi-Fi network and share data with you wirelessly.
Pay attention now, it’s really starting to get good.

Delorme InReach

A two-way satellite communicator with GPS, the InReach belongs to an exciting and relatively new category; it’s a Satellite Early Notification Device (SEND). Power & Motoryacht test the Delorme InReach.

Boaters and outdoorsmen may be familiar with the original mass-market SEND, an emergency beacon and tracker called SPOT, which uses the Globalstar satellite network. InReach takes the technology to a far more useful level. Like SPOT, InReach has a tracking feature that allows selected friends and family to follow a boat’s progress via the Web, as well as through Facebook and Twitter for the social networkers among us. It has an SOS function that relays a distress call to local rescue authorities, and it can send a variety of canned messages. Like SPOT, InReach contracts with GEOS, a private dispatch center that handles SOS signals and notifies the appropriate rescue authorities.

Furuno NavNet TZtouch

Furuno rocked the 2012 Miami Boat Show with the release of its NavNet TZtouch multifunction diplay, the first ever to boast dual-touch screens with functionality like an iPad. Furuno engineered TZtouch to run on a powerful, advanced processor, virtually eliminating redraw time and supporting a host of actions accomplished using one- or two-finger motions.

Threats to GPS from Land-Based Signal Boosters

Defending the bandwidth for GPS.We’ve all had voyages that weren’t quite what we signed up for when we first got into boating—trips in which the wind and sea on the nose have made passagemaking quite a bit slower—and less fun—than it’s meant to be, and when rain has reduced the passing scenery to intermittent glimpses of a gray smudge. But suppose, just when the first sight of harbor lights promises the reward of shore power, showers, and a decent meal—your plotter loses its fix. Wouldn’t that just put the cherry on it? That could become absolutely standard if one particular company has its way.

Simrad Argus Radar

Seeing Far & Near

Simrad adds the radar technology it developed for recreational boats to a system for ships and megayachts.

Whole-Boat Electronics

Think about each component of your boat’s electronics to create a powerful system that’s greater than the sum of its parts.


If a gyro starts spinning with its axle pointing toward a star that is rising over the eastern horizon, it will try to tilt upwards as the star rises...

GPS Compasses

Swinging-card compasses have developed quite a bit over the past 500 years but they do not “always point truly”...

Navionics App for iPad & iPhone

Navionics App for iPad & iPhone

Try this darn thing—you might really like it!

A week ago I was driving along the waterfront of a big American city with a yacht-broker friend of mine using an iPad with digital Navionics cartography that was conveniently secured to his SUV’s dash to show us how to get where we were going. Wow! Idling

The Reason for Different GPS Positiions for the Same Location

You Gotta Be Kiddin’

Can your chart (or Google Earth) give you one position and your GPS another?

Some while ago I received a letter from William P. Carter, an observant Virginian with a serious interest in all things nautical. He had a question that conveniently points out a foible of modern, GPS-reliant navigation, one that seems just a tad ridiculous, at

GPS Interference

Technicians at Boeing put the finishing touches on the LightSquared satellite, ready for its launch in November last year.

Intentional Interference

As GPS becomes more widely used, the potential for bad guys to create havoc expands.


Standard Horizon CPN MFDs

Standard Horizon CPN MFDs


Blurring the tenuous line between navigation instruments and computers even further, Standard Horizon’s CPN1010i and 700i plotters move away from the company’s usual conservative styling and textured casings: They have rounded corners and edges and are finished in high-gloss “piano black.” They still have the

How to Keep Your Chart Data Up To Date

Top of the Charts

There are numerous ways to keep your chart data up to date.

Finding your way through shifting banks or a channel such as this one demands the very latest information.

No one who has gone back to their hometown after a few years away can fail to notice how much things have changed. Maybe

Navico’s whispering sonar

Why shout when you can whisper?

How Navico’s new breed of whispering sonar promises clearer pictures at greater depths.

Three years ago, Navico introduced something that it described as a “Broadband Sounder.” Depending on which of the Navico brands you preferred, it came in either a gray (Lowrance) or black (Simrad) box that was wired in between the sonar transducer

What’s a Navico?

What’s a Navico?

Deconstructing and defining an emerging marine electronics giant.

When I was first introduced to Simrad’s new NSE displays last fall, I just had to ask a company rep what the letters NSE stand for. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told that it means “Northstar Edition.”

Like many of you, the fate of Northstar has been a

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