When To Go Manual

Most of the time fishfinders work great on auto mode. But not always.

Fishfinders don’t just find fish; they also find the places fish are likely to be, like reefs, wrecks, and drop-offs where baitfish and predators gather. But sometimes they need a little help to do their job.

Fishfinders produce short pulses of high-frequency sound that

Apollo II HD and Standard Horizon’s Plotter/Fishfinders

Apollo II HD

OceanView Technologies has added a new dual-sensor camera to its line-up of night-vision systems.

As the name suggests, the Apollo II HD is a high-definition version of the company’s popular Apollo II. Like the Apollo II, the HD combines a thermal-imaging camera with a highly sensitive low-light camera that is capable of

Raymarine A-Series

Raymarine has radically redesigned its A-Series of small plotters and plotter/fishfinders, adding AIS tracking, internal “high-sensitivity” GPS receivers, Sirius Satellite Weather and Audio capability, and many of the interface improvements seen in the recent V4 software update to the C- and E-Series. The units will come with Navionics Gold cartography built

Lowrance Broadband Sounder

Lowrance Broadband Sounder

owrance has not lost its innovative scrappiness under Navico ownership. In fact it was the latter's CEO, Jens-Thomas Pietralla, who dubbed the new Broadband Sounder a "disruptive technology." Now, confusingly, this $799 black-box fishfinder, which networks to all current Lowrance displays, is not

How's Your "Q"?

Airmar product manager Mark Reedenaur is showing off the company's floating test lab.

"Come on, Mark, can't you just tell me which is the best fishfinder?!?" I couldn't help making that plea when I realized what a fantastic floating fishfinder lab we were headed out to sea in. Before launching the 24-footer into the Piscataqua

Raymarine DSM 400

Raymarine DSM 400

Raymarine's powerhouse DSM 400 black-box fishfinder weighs 27 pounds, contains four independent digital sonar transceivers, and can pump up to 3 kW of ping power on 28, 38, or 50 kHz and two on 185 or 200 kHz. All of which makes it particularly adept at handling some of the high-end Airmar transducer features

Raymarine E Series V4

Raymarine E Series V4 Multifunction Navigation Display Software

It was pure luck that my April column on maintenance ("Servicing the Circuitry") illustrated how easy it is to update a Raymarine E-Series; then along came V4, a free firmware upgrade

Raymarine A60

Raymarine A60

The 5.7-inch, dual-function A60 is only a minor model shift from 2006's 6.5-inch A65, but electronics designs can age well, particularly when software and value improve. It was interesting to test an A60 side by side with the fairly equivalent, if adolescent, Garmin 545s. The A60 has all the dedicated and soft keys

Lowrance iWay 600c

The iWay 600c is a navigate-anywhere portable plotter featuring a bright five-inch touchscreen and a 30-gigabyte hard drive nearly filled with cartography. That includes Lowrance's complete NauticPath U.S. coastal charts (significantly improved from the original version), more than 3,000 U.S. lakes, all U.S. and Canadian roads, 5.5 million POIs, and even photo

Humminbird 997c Combo NVB

The new top of Humminbird's fast-growing electronics line seems capable, as deconstructing its model name suggests. SI means that the 957c, besides doing "normal" dual-frequency fishfinding, can push out a wide, 600-kHz swath whose returns build a photo-like "sonar image" of bottom structure up to "150 feet down and 240 feet to each side." Note the detail on

Furuno FCV-620 Fishfinder

Furuno’s claims about the benefits of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in its new 5.6-inch FCV-620—its ability to suppress noise and maximize automatic fishfinding in varying conditions—sound a lot like Raymarine boasting about its High Definition Digital technology. So I was intrigued to test the 620 side by side—same transducer—with a

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