Prospec INFPRV315 Stereo Receiver

Why shouldn’t your boat stereo match the level of sophistication in the rest of your marine and personal electronics? That’s where the INFPRV315 Stereo Receiver from Prospec Electronics comes in.

Streaming Content for Onboard Entertainment

For better or for worse, taking to sea will soon no longer be a true escape. New technologies—in particular a mini-VSAT broadband system from KVH—are making Wi-Fi connection and other connectivity applications better than ever. Editor-in-Chief Jason Wood introduces you to a bold new future, here.

Digital Yacht Aqua 50 Marine PC

Linux Comes aboard with Digital Yacht

Worried about putting a personal computer on your boat? Use one that’s made to be there: Digital Yacht’s Aqua 50 marine PC works with a range of DC input levels and has a 64-gigabyte hard drive designed to work without a cooling fan. Learn more here.

Intellian s80HD WorldView

Intellian’s s80HD WorldView is a dual-band satellite antenna that receives three DirecTV signals simultaneously. The s80HD is a simple marine satellite-TV system for boaters navigating domestic and international waters.

Sea Tel 3011

Big Satellite-TV Performance from Sea Tel

The Sea Tel 3011 employs some of the same technology as the company’s larger dome systems, all in a 30-inch dish. Learn more about this three-axis, marine-stabilized antenna system here.

KVH HD11 TracVision Satellite TV System

Seamless Reception—Everywhere

World-girdling TV addicts rejoice! KVH’s new state-of-the-art satellite TV antenna finally puts an end to that tedious chore of changing the LNB whenever you cross from the Caribbean to the Med.

Fusion’s Marine Stereos

Fusion’s New Stereo Offers Awesome Sound And Advanced Functionality.

Fusion’s MS-AV700 marine stereo does it all for media mavens, from providing an intuitive control of digital music to playing DVDs.

Jetstream Video Streaming

Watch, pause, and restart live TV no matter whether you’re on land, in the sky, or at sea. Jetstream, a television service that promises access to international satellite services from any laptop or the company’s proprietary receiver boxes that have Internet access.

How satellite domes work

Using satellites for communicating or watching TV is great and worth delving into, but before we take the top off a satellite dome, let’s take a look at why we go to the complexity and expense of satellites in the first place. Why not just use good ol’ traditional land-based radio and television signals?

Intellian s6HD DirecTV Dish

Intellian s6HD: It can receive all three DirecTV satellite clusters. ($9,995)

Intellian s6HD DirecTV Dish

Intellian’s new antenna that can look in three directions at once.

DirecTV may be America's most popular satellite TV service, but how

Personal Computers at Sea

PCs at Sea

These computers may be indispensable ashore, but can they really cope with the rough-and-tumble of life and work afloat?

I’ve never been much in favor of using “office equipment” onboard a boat.

It’s fine to use a laptop to do a bit of Web surfing, send a few e-mails, or play games, but navigation, communications,

Sunny Days

In this enviro-conscious age, everybody’s aware that the sun is a great source of free, clean energy. Which is why there are scads of handy chargers out there, from small multi-purpose versions to laptop-friendly models, that let you power your personal electronics using only solar rays. Rather not fire up the genset? Then why not embrace the end of outlet dependency?

Fusion Marine Stereo

Now I just need the boat. When I first wrote about the Fusion Marine Stereo system in my column last July, I not only saw a lot to like but had already half talked myself into an Apple iPod as the centerpiece of my next onboard audio entertainment system. A Touch model is sitting on my desk today,

KVH TracVision M1

The competition for world's smallest stabilized satellite TV antenna has come down to definitions. KVH's new M1 is a 12.5-inch dish that only weighs 7.5 pounds while Intellian's new i1 (see below) is an 11-incher that tips the scale at 9.5 pounds. Both make onboard TV easier to have. In fact, KVH says the M1

King Controls VuQube

Last year King Controls introduced a clever portable satellite TV dish called the VuQube, and some boaters began enjoying its ability to tune in DirectTV, Dish, or ExpressVu channels while only costing $899. But they had to place the 17.5''-high "cube" on a dock for stability and use its remote

Glomex Polaris

Glomex Polaris

Satellite TV and radio are great on a boat, since they're able to deliver clear and familiar channels most everywhere you cruise. But what about unfamiliar content? Glomex's amplified and directional antenna might be just

Freestyle Audio Sport MP3 Player

Freestyle Audio Sport MP3 player

So I not only tested the Freestyle water- and shockproof Sport MP3 music player, but also my ability to windsurf like I once could. Unfortunately I can't, and hence the test was thorough! The Freestyle is simple—a gig of flash memory, four buttons to control volume and tracks—and tough.

Sea-King 9815-RJ

King Controls, though a major player in the RV market, is still a new guy on the block in the yachting world. Hence the aggressive $3,695 price tag on its 14-inch Sea-King stabilized antenna system, which can feed two user-supplied receivers as is, more with an optional multiswitch. The 9815-RJ is also HD-compatible, which means that you'll need HD receivers, as


KVH has met the competition by rejiggering the original battle-beginning M3 into three models. Actually the M3st is the original—with a DirecTV receiver and IR/RF remote included—only a thousand dollars less costly at $3,995. Assuming the $4,995 position is the new M3dx, which lets you use your own HD receivers for DirecTV (plus $295 for a

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