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Sir Jon: Master Head

Sir Jon: Master Head
The owner wanted a sportfish boat, and his wife, who has zero interest in fishing, was into decorating, even in unexpected places. "She wanted a big feel to a small head. This was my best space utilization ever. I think what gave it a real dynamic was the wood. We used all maple but presented three different tones, and had them add another layer of stain to parts to give it another depth of color."

Chairman: Main Saloon

Chairman: Main Saloon
"Chairman was my nightmare project. The clients were wonderful, the captain was great, but the shipyard was a nightmare, which has since gone out of business. But along the way we had to go through litigation and they had to use all my notes," says Knowles, who remembers the time it took to regain momentum.

As for the design scheme his clients wanted, the emphasis was on a sophisticated environment. "[The owner] wanted a very swank Manhattan-type of apartment look, and I think she got it. They have kids and grandkids, but this is what they like," Knowles says. He was challenged to create the pure environment but give it substance . "The look required more than just a simple white ceiling. The ceiling design really makes the rest of the room pop."

Abbracci: Main Saloon

Abbracci: Main Saloon
Not all of Knowles' clients use their yachts for high-end luxury. Abbracci's owner was "very family-oriented and wanted to have an environment that was carefree," he explains. "They wanted the main saloon to incorporate the seating area as a gathering space with two curved sofas. That was challenging to give them what they wanted and still maintain the sensibility with the layout and traffic flow. It took me about close to a dozen tries." The demands of family yachting also required easy maintenance. Knowles used saloon tables with a textured surface to camouflage fingerprints. "The floor is actually a woven PVC vinyl. The application is so practical. I'm amazed I don't see it more in the marine industry."

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This article originally appeared in the December 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.

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