Cutwater 302 Sport Coupe

Speed has been added to the equation with Cutwater’s newest 302 Sport Coupe. You can kiss the single step that energized the inboard-powered C-30 Sedan goodbye. The 302 has two, with “Laminar Flow Interrupters” (more on that later) that get this Sport Coupe moving.

Getting Ready for the Final Leg

The Cutwater 28 Down East Loop trip continues. After a short hop from Constitution Marina in Boston, the boat is resting snugly at Newport’s Goat Island Marina. The 28 has moved almost every day since August 20. Indeed, this trip is one heck of a shakedown for a new boat.

The Down East Loop - Day 11

BoothBay Harbor to Boston took us three half-day passages thanks to clear skies, calm seas and the Cutwater’s comfortable low cruising speed of 12 to 15 knots. Before leaving Boothbay, Joanne and I ate breakfast with Allan Miller and Pam Burke. I knew Burke from Newburyport where she owned a beautiful wood schooner, named Heart’s Desire.

The Down East Loop - Day 9

Belfast had been a new experience for me, but Rockland was a different story. In my 30s and 40s, my gang and I had sailed here from Newburyport and used the port as a staging area to cruise Penobscot Bay...

The Down East Loop - Day 8

I love Maine, but I live in Florida and spent the past 15 years cruising down island. Before that, thanks to my newspaper’s liberal vacation policy, I spent weeks every year heading down and east from my homeport of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Down East Loop - Day 2

Just tied up at Schuyler Yacht Basin in Schuylerville, NY, about 80 nm from where we started at 8 this morning in Kingston. Fueled up here. Took on 40.1 gallons, which is terrific since we spent more than half of the day running at 20 knots, and the rest negotiating five locks after the Hudson River ended at Troy...

The Down East Loop - Day 1

Well, after months and months of planning, we're finally underway on the first leg of our epic Down East Loop on a new Cutwater 28. Right now we're in Kingston NY, some 80 mm from where we started at Liberty Landing Marina across the Hudson from downtown Manhattan.

Cruising the Down East Loop - The Boat

For cruisers unable to commit the time for a Great Loop adventure, consider a Down East Loop. In the first installment of this series,learn how the trailerable Cutwater 28 makes a long voyage even easier—and start dreaming of your next trip.

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