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Pershing 82

By Alan Harper | Posted January 2013

Boat Test: Pershing 82 Meet the latest from Pershing Yachts: the 82. She moves the water at better than 46 knots by her ZF SeaRex surface drives, and wraps you and your guests in sleek design. Learn...

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Carver 560 Voyager - Used Boat Review

By Scott Shane | Posted January 2013

Used Boat Review: Carver 560 Voyager: The Carver 560 Voyager may be just the inspiration some boaters need to make a substantial upgrade. These American-built cruisers offer a couple of layout...

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Absolute 55 Fly

By Mike Ellis | Posted January 2013

The Absolute 55 Fly combines heart-pounding performance with a large dollop of style. Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Absolute 55 Fly.

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Horizon E56

By Kevin Koenig | Posted December 2012

Power & Motoryacht's first impression of the Horizon E56.

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Azimut 60

By Alan Harper | Posted December 2012

Power & Motoryacht Tested: Azimut 60 This 60-foot flying-bridge yacht gets minor updates to make a major improvement. With its glossy topsides and Harley Earl fins, this sleek and sinuous Azimut...

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Sea Ray 510 Sundancer

By Kevin Koenig | Posted December 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Sea Ray 510 Sundancer When Sea Ray was looking to refresh its Sundancer line, it started with a clean slate. It shows: The boat’s exterior wows...

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Vicem 107

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted November 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Vicem 107. Old World craftmanship meets old-school style in the Vicem 107, as Editor-at-Large Capt. Richard Thiel discovered on a visit to Turkey to try...

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Regal 46 Sport Coupe

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted November 2012

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Regal 46 Sport Coupe Hands-on boaters will lust after the joystick control and peppy performance of the Regal 46 Sport Coupe. But the inside-outside...

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Prestige 550

By Alan Harper | Posted November 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Prestige 550 Fly. Come aboard the Prestige 550 Fly and learn how this builder is able to offer so much boat for your buck.

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Absolute 72

By George Sass Jr. | Posted November 2012

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Absolute 72 The new Absolute 72 may look like a typical Italian motoryacht, but looks can be deceiving—this thoroughbred was born to run.

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Beneteau Gran Turismo 49 Fly

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted November 2012

Online Exclusive Boat Test. The Beneteau Gran Turismo 49 Fly is a speedy, well-mannered performer offshore with a layout that’s both straightforward and ultra-roomy. Best of all, check that price....

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Sealine F48

By Kevin Koenig | Posted October 2012

As Sealine puts product in the pipeline to America, we’re watching closely. And with the F48, we like what we see in terms of performance, finish, and quiet ride. Power & Motoryacht's...

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Marlow 61E MK 2

By Chris Caswell | Posted September 2012

Power & Motoryacht's Exclusive Boat Test of the Marlow 61E MK 2; including review, sea trial, final boat test numbers and photographs.

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Filippetti Navetta 26

By Alan Harper | Posted September 2012

A veteran boatbuilder with a passion for speed demonstrates a slower, more gentle side with this 85-foot little ship. Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Filippetti Navetta 26. With 1,410-...

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Three Hunts Provide Propulsion Testing Platform

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted August 2012

We compare three Hunt 36s with three different drive systems. Which is best? Capt. Richard Thiel heads to New England to pit three Hunt 36s with different propulsion packages against each other...

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Magellano 50

By Kevin Koenig | Posted August 2012

If you’re looking for a stylish, long-range cruiser with serious environmental credentials, look no further than the Magellano 50. Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of Azimut Yachts'...

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Princess V72

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted August 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Princess V72. With responsive control and plenty of horsepower, this Princess V72 gives an experienced owner the confidence to run her on his own.

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Fairline Squadron 50

By Kevin Koenig | Posted July 2012

Fairline looks to conquer the world with its Squadron 50 flying-bridge cruiser. The Fairline Squadron 50 flying-bridge cruiser is built with a British attention to detail without any of the stiff...

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Sanlorenzo SL94

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted July 2012

Boat test of the Sanlorenzo SL94 In a busy world overrun with e-mail, meetings, and the 24-hour news cycle, the Sanlorenzo SL94 is as quiet and tranquil as a Zen garden. (Oh, and it has one onboard....

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Atlantis 38

By Alan Harper | Posted June 2012

A 38-footer from Atlantis continues the rock-and-roll traditions of her predecessor, but now she’s matured and ready to welcome tamer friends and family. Power & Motoryacht's boat test...

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Marquis 630 Sport Yacht

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Neil ... | Posted June 2012

The Marquis 630 Sport Yacht is a punchy combination of volvo joystick control and the most powerful IPS available. The Marquis 630 Sport Yacht is a well-engineered, expertly crafted, and elegantly...

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Riviera 61 Flybridge Series II

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted June 2012

Riviera broadens the appeal of its 61 Series II beyond her angling origins. One of the little bits of black magic that’s part of boatbuilding is knowing when to mess with success. That is to...

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Sea Ray 410 Sundancer

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted June 2012

Our Executive Editor cuts a rug onboard Sea Ray’s latest sport yacht, the 410 Sundancer, and finds plenty to like—if you’re into fun. Boat test of the Sea Ray 410 Sundancer. Back in...

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Sessa Fly 45

By Kevin Koenig | Posted May 2012

Sessa brings Italian style to the American market with the new Fly 45—a sporty ride that is ready to entertain. Boat test of the Sessa Fly 45.

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Azimut 62S Italia

By Alan Harper | Posted May 2012

Azimut’s 62S Italia Offers A Refined Layout And Plenty Of Performance. Azimut marked the 150th anniversary of Italian unification in 2011 by relaunching one of its most popular and successful...

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