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Maritimo 48

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted October 2007

Maybe it was just the way things looked that morning around the marina at Roche Harbor Resort, a lovely little spot on the northern coast of evergreen-fringed San Juan Island just a short floatplane...

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Sea Ray 47 Sedan Bridge

By Capt. Grant Rafter | Posted October 2007

Sea Ray 47 Sedan BridgeAlthough the Sea Ray 47 Sedan Bridge has a pair of 578-hp Cummins QSC-600 diesels tucked inside for thrills, the boat appears more dedicated to enclaves for relaxing.Beginning...

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Fairline Phantom 48

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted September 2007

My introduction to serious wheel time at PMY was onboard a Fairline Phantom 43 back in 2000. She was our company boat that year, and I was running numbers with senior editor Capt. Ken Kreisler. Up to...

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Cranchi Mediterranee 43 HT

By George L. Petrie | Posted September 2007

In China this is the year of the pig. But in Sweden it's clearly the year of the IPS, as numerous builders in multiple countries introduce models designed to accommodate Volvo Penta's innovative...

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Mustang 43 Sport Flybridge

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted September 2007

When Americans hear the name Mustang, they often think of the classic car that helped define road cruising in the United States. Remember the Fastback? The Mach 1? The Shelby? The 5.0? These and many...

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Cruisers 360 Express

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted September 2007

Even on a day fraught with showers and thunderstorms, you can't beat driving a sporty express cruiser straight down Tampa Bay with the Sunshine Skyway bridge dead on the nose. There's nothing like...

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Sea Ray 330 Sundancer

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted September 2007

The Sea Ray 330 Sundancer replaces the Sea Ray 320 Sundancer, a six-year veteran to which it bears striking similarities in both design and appearance. Both boats can be ordered with stern drives or...

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Viking Sport Cruisers 58 Flybridge

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted August 2007

While the larger world grapples with thorny issues like disappearing polar ice caps and nuclear proliferation, the boating industry wrestles with its own conundrums, one of which rivals those in...

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Azimut 47

By Alan Harper | Posted August 2007

Ah, the Mediterranean in early June, when every yachtsman feels he has a right to decent weather. And sure enough, when I got there it was warm, with low humidity and calm seas. Perfect conditions...

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Astondoa 53 Open

By George L. Petrie | Posted August 2007

Aficionados of large custom yachts may be familiar with the Astondoa marque; founded in 1916, the Spanish yard has been building custom pleasurecraft through three generations of family ownership....

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Marquis Yachts 40 SC

By George L. Petrie | Posted August 2007

Marquis Yachts 40 SCThere's no denying the popularity of express cruisers. But in a way, they are fair-weather friends. When conditions get nasty, everyone has to huddle under the hardtop or, worse,...

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Cruisers 330 Express

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted June 2007

Here at PMY, we're fortunate to enjoy the use of a different boat each summer, which we take out for product testing, entertaining clients, and of course, our leisure. Last summer's Cruisers Yachts...

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Sessa C35

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted June 2007

Can a thousand-boat-per-year builder be considered a startup business? The answer is yes and no. Milan, Italy-based and family-owned Sessa Marine has been a household name in the European boating...

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Palm Beach / Avalon 32

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted May 2007

Thirty-two feet is a perfect size for a lot of boaters, and with good reason. There is enough length to fit an enclosed head, a comfortable master cabin, a reasonable galley, and a cockpit big enough...

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Cheoy Lee 78 Sport Motoryacht

By George L. Petrie | Posted May 2007

Cheoy Lee 78 Sport MotoryachtSometimes less is more, especially if doing less means doing it better. A case in point is the layout of Cheoy Lee’s 78 Sport Motoryacht. Rather than maximizing the...

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Riva 63 Vertigo

By Alan Harper | Posted April 2007

You don’t get to ride in a Riva every day. It’s not that they’re scarce, exactly. In the six years since the first of the “new” Rivas, the Aquariva runabout, came out, the company has launched no...

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Azimut 43S

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted April 2007

The slick exteriors and restrained yet contemporary interiors of Azimut’s flying-bridge models, courtesy of the dynamic design duo of Carlo Galeazzi and Stefano Righini, have succeeded where others...

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Regal 5260 Commodore Express

By George L. Petrie | Posted April 2007

Regal 5260 Commodore ExpressWith the introduction of the 52-foot express cruiser, Regal Marine is not just ushering in a new flagship, it’s offering a level of customization that it says is without...

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Sea Ray 55 Sundancer

By Capt. Richard Thiel | Posted March 2007

When I drew the assignment to test the Sea Ray 55 Sundancer, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’ve tested I don’t know how many Sundancers over the years, and I know they can be hard to write about. The...

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Cranchi Atlantique 50

By Jeffrey Moser | Posted March 2007

During the wintertime in Manhattan, I often forget that I'm on an island. Sure, I'm aware the Hudson and East Rivers are chockablock with ferries, tugs, Coast Guard vessels, and myriad commercial...

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Jeanneau Prestige 42

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted March 2007

“But don’t they build sailboats?” That was my first thought as I caught a glimpse of Jeanneau’s Prestige 42 cruiser sitting in her berth at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania Beach, Florida. I knew the...

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Sessa C52

By Alan Harper | Posted March 2007

They weren’t in a hurry or anything, but as I trundled my bag along the concrete quay toward the boat, I could tell not only that had I been spotted, but also that the engines were already running....

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Midnight Express 37 Full Cabin

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted February 2007

I was headed for Midnight Express’ Fort Lauderdale, Florida, facility in my rental car when I got the call. “Bill,” the guy said, just as a big ol’ cardboard box blew across the road in front of me...

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Lazzara LSX Quad 75

By Capt. Bill Pike | Posted January 2007

The most memorable part of the sea trial I did on Lazzara's LSX Quad 75 started an hour or so after I'd maneuvered her free of her slip via a nifty joystick control and the most radical propulsion...

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Carver 52 Voyager

By Capt. Patrick S... | Posted January 2007

It was blowing a steady 15 knots, and I wondered if the windage offered up by the Carver Voyager 52's high sides (19 feet from water to radar arch) would mean difficult exiting and docking. But I...

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