How to Care for Your Compass

By Mike Smith | Posted September 2015

Is Your Compass Deviant?  Sometimes your compass needs repair, or loses its heading. Check it now.

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Austin Parker 64 Fly S

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted September 2015

Our Boat Test of the Austin Parker 64 Fly S.  The Austin Parker 64 Fly S may have roots extending back to the working lobster boats of Maine, but it’s hard to be sure...

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Oceanic 90 STS Expedition Yacht

By Alan Harper | Posted September 2015

Our boat test of the Oceanic 90 STS Expedition Yacht.  The Oceanic 90 STS Expedition Yacht may be built for the long haul and some big-time adventures, but that doesn't...

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Azimut 50

By Alan Harper | Posted August 2015

Our Boat Test of the Azimut 50.  A lot is expected from a 50-foot boat. And Azimut was up to the challenge with its 50, which we found to have comfort, speed, and lots of...

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The World’s Largest Yachts: 2015

By PMY Staff | Posted August 2015

You want it, you got it. We list the world's 100 largest yachts in order and also share interesting insight into the boats and their designers and owners that you won't...

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How to Make a Boat Greener and Energy Efficient

By Ben Ellison | Posted August 2015

Gizmo is one of the highest-tech boats of her class to be certain, but can she be more than that? Could we get her to be ecologically sound too? Find out here.

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Bavaria Virtess 420 Coupe

By Chris Caswell | Posted August 2015

Our Boat Test of the Bavaria Virtess 420 Coupe.   German boatbuilder Bavaria Yachts has quite a following in Europe. And with three staterooms in a boat under 45 feet LOA, it...

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Catch and Release Fishing

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted August 2015

As I get saltier, releasing fish safely is what is uppermost in my mind to ensure others will share in what I have been able to enjoy.

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Invincible 39' Open Fisherman

By Kevin Koenig | Posted August 2015

Our first look at the Invincible 39' Open Fisherman

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Interview with the Miami Beach Coast Guard Commanding Officer

By Daniel Harding | Posted August 2015

We catch up with the Miami Beach Coast Guard Commanding Officer, Michael Cortese, to find out how he thinks boaters can stay safer on the water.

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How to Enhance the Comfort on Your Boat

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted August 2015

Ask anyone who spends any amount of time on a boat, onboard comfort goes a long way. Find out how to make your boat even more appealing to passengers here.

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Jarrett Bay 43 HTX

By Kevin Koenig | Posted August 2015

Our Boat Test of the Jarrett Bay 43 HTX.  With a sporty ride, serious fishing amenities, and onboard attention to detail that will impress, the Jarrett Bay 43 HTX is a boat...

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Summer Cruising in Maine

By George Sass Jr. | Posted August 2015

When the summer crowds flock to Newport, Rhode Island, Editor-in-Chief George Sass Jr. heads north to Portland, Maine.

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